Chapter Five

Bulma tossed and turned roughly in her sleep, her dreams haunting her again. Suddenly Bulma sat up in bed, fully awake.

" This has got to stop." Bulma mumbled as she quickly glanced at the clock three a.m. Chills ran up and down her body, she had just had her little sex dream again. " Okay so what I'm a little attracted to him, I still have to kill him." Bulma thought aloud as she pulled the covers off of her body. It was three a.m. she was suppose to move out to kill Vegeta at dawn, only another two hours. Bulma shook her head in anger, maybe a walk would calm her down.

Bulma walked calmly through the wide halls of the mansion, studying the art work that line the halls. Occasionally she stopped to analyze a painting, but most of the time she just glanced at the art and moved on. Her mind had calmed down slightly, but her body was another story.

" Why wonít this just go away?!" Bulma growled in frustration.

" Why wonít what go away Miss Brennigan?" Vegetaís low voice came from behind her, making her jump.

" You stalking unexpected women in hallways at night." Bulma said, turning to him slowly.

" Who said I was stalking anyone?" Vegeta asked in amusement. " Especially a human?"

" Whatever." Bulma said, as she turned and began to walk back to her room, trying to get away from him.

" You seem in a hurry, Is it possible that our little sparring session scared you?" Vegeta laughed coldly.

" Not a chance. I would never be scared of a monkey." Bulma said with cool arrogance.

" Iíd watch what you say woman. You may not be afraid of me in that way.." Vegeta began, grabbing her by the waist and holding her back. " But I do know other ways that you are scared of me." Vegeta said his lips running over the exposed skin of her neck.

" I have never been afraid of you, and I never will be." Bulma mumbled, fighting to control under her breath. " And if you need proof...drop dead."

" I donít think you want that." Vegeta said kissing the back of her neck gently. "I also donít think you want to do this in the hallway."

" Hmmm, who said I was doing anything." Bulma mumbled, leaning back into him. He smirked as his hands dragged gently down to the hem of her black silk black night gown and then back up, teasing her thigh as he went. Bulma exhaled deeply as she pulled away from him calmly. " Follow me." Bulma said sexily. Vegeta smirked as he followed the woman back down the hallway, Daresana glared evilly as she emerged after the couple had gone.

" Bulma, Bulma, Bulma I never excepted you to be the one." Daresana mumbled under her breath. "Now you and your little monkey prince have to pay."

When they reached her room it seemed Bulma couldnít get the door open fast enough. As soon as the two were in the room Bulma wasted no time as she Bulma smiled as she neared his bringing his lips to hers in a slow kiss. Bulma moaned as she pulled away from the kiss, he growled in disapproval. Bulma giggled as she sat down slowly pulling off her lacy nightgown and sliding the lacy garment down her body and discarding it on the floor, never once losing eye contact. He moved slowly toward her, like an animal closing in for the kill, and in a way that was exactly what he was doing. Bulma inched her way back over the bed as he slowly climbed over her.

" Tell me Miss. Briefs do you like it rough?" Vegeta whispered his face inches from hers. Bulmaís eyes widened in shock, he knew. " No, no, no I canít let him know he has control." Bulma thought narrowing her eyes at him, making her answer perfectly clear.

" I - " Bulma began only to have Vegeta cut her off with a vicious kiss. Bulma pulled her body up to his, wrapping her legs around his waist, showing him quite clearly what she wanted. Slowly he began to trail his way down to her neck and then downward to her chest. He didnít waste any time on the blue haired vixen. Bulma smiled as a moan escaped her lips. He smirked, His mouth crushed against her breast while the other hand massaged her neglected breast, her body arching against him in desire.

" I donít think so." Bulma said lowly as she flung him off of herself. He landed in the floor. She smiled as she crawled off the bed and on top of him, she wanted the upper hand. She brought her lips to his chest, never losing eye contact. Her hands exploring the Saiyans body. Little by little she began to work her way down his chest, stopping only to remove his boxers. His size had surprised her, but it wasnít something that she couldnít handle. she slowly took him in her mouth, making sure to be slow in her torture of him. Vegeta moaned his hands tangling in her aqua locks as she worked. When she felt him about to release she halted her work, raising her head back up to his kissing him quickly.

" You taste good." Bulma said quickly, kissing him fiercely. Vegeta used this opportunity to gain the upper hand on her, quickly he gently pushed her onto her back and held her arms above her head. He grinned wickedly as he trailed kisses slowly down her body, making sure to take his time and enjoy every inch of her. Bulma moaned softly as she felt his hands gently slip through her aqua curls and gently massage her clit with his thumb and forefingers. Pleasure shot through ever inch of her body as she began to lose control over her body. Her whole body was shaking as she finally toppled over the edge. Vegeta smirked as he lowered his lips to her nether areas. Bulma bit her lower lip to keep from screaming as she felt him take her clit in his mouth and began to suck furiously. Her hips bucked furiously against her face in a vain attempt for release, but he pulled back not allowing her it. Bulma hissed in frustration as he kissed her once again, his lips coated in her juices. He positioned himself quickly, gently teasing her.

" Oh gods Vegeta..." Bulma whimpered.

" What do you want." Vegeta said with a smirk.

" I need you.....inside" Bulma managed to gasp out. He smirked as he thrust into her quickly. He himself couldnít help but hold back a gasp as he began to move inside of her, she felt even better than he had ever dreamed she could. Bulma tilted her head back in ecstasy as she wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him deeper into her. Vegeta devoured her exposed neck, Quickly he sunk his teeth into the base of her neck and quickly lapping up the blood. Bulma didnít even feel it as her orgasm hit her, it was much more powerful than anything that she had ever experienced in her life. Vegeta let out a loud growl as she began to get tighter, making him to finally topple over the edge. Bulma smiled as she kissed him quickly before switching positions, Vegeta grasped her hips as she began to move on top of him. Bulma planted her hands firmly on his chest and began to move faster and more furiously, until her second orgasm hit her harder than the first. Bulma threw her head back in passion before collapsing on top of the saiyan prince.

" That was fun." Bulma said lifting her head back up. " So what are you going to do with me now since that didnít kill me?"

" I want you to come back with me to Vegetasii with me." Vegeta said calmly. " Do you know anything about bonds?" Bulma laughed as she put her head back down on his chest.

" Yes. I had to learn everything about Saiyans." Bulma said calmly, brushing her hair out of her face. Vegeta said nothing in response to this, already knowing that she understood and had given him her answer to his question. " But Iíd have to say that tonight definitely was a learning experience."

" Good." Vegeta said as Bulma kissed him for a final time before laying her head back down and drifting into a peaceful and dreamless sleep.

Bulma awoke an hour later to find a strong arm wrapped around her waist. She smiled as she turned over to find a very awake Saiyan beside her.

" Good Morning." Bulma cooed, moving closer the her lover.

" Yes." Vegeta agreed, pulling her even closer to him. " We leave in a half an hour."

" Then I should get dressed. Daresana expects me to move in an hour. " Bulma said, slipping out from under her covers. " I donít want to kill you and I need to pack." Vegeta watched her closely admiring her body, as she began to pick out some clothes to put on.

" Iím going to go tell the old man Iím leaving. Be out front of the mansion in half an hour. Be careful." Vegeta grumbled, getting out of the bed and putting on his boxers.

" Watch your back." Bulma warned quickly. " Daresana could take matters into her own hands."

" Sheís weak." Vegeta grumbled, dismissing Bulmaís fears.

" Sheís dangerous when underestimated." Bulma countered. " Just be careful." Vegeta nodded as he opened the door and quietly slipped out of her room. Bulma sighed heavily when he was gone, he had no idea how dangerous Daresana could be.

It had only taken Bulma twenty minutes to get all she had packed, she did however chose to leave her equipment behind. By the time Bulma had gotten out of the door she was with in ten minutes of leaving. She walked quickly through the hallways, traveling as quietly as she could, trying her best not to be seen. She could see the front door of the mansion coming into view when suddenly a voice called her attention.

" Going somewhere Bulma?" Daresanaís smooth voice asked.

" Daresana what the hell are you doing?" Bulma asked coolly, whirling around to see the blond woman behind her.

" Is the prince dead? Have you done your job?" Daresana asked, her green eyes flashing with anger.

" Yes. The Prince of Saiyans is no problem for us anymore." Bulma said calmly.

Daresana smiled as she drew near to Bulma, drawing a dagger out of no where.

" Liar." Daresana laughed coldly. " What happened Bulma? Did you really become so infatuated with that monkey you forgot what you were destined to do? Did you forget what we went through?!"

" Daresana its over, the dead are dead." Bulma hissed, throwing her suitcases to the side, prepared to defend yourself. " Donít do this Daresana you know I can kill you."

" You were the best Bulma. I knew you and I had the power to kill off the Saiyans! But you were weak." Daresana screamed at her." Now that you have outlived your use, Iím just going to have to do your job for you, that is after I kill you." Daresana smiled evilly as she lunged at Bulma with the dagger. Bulma dodged her easily, but Daresana turned quickly and swung the dagger, cutting Bulma across the upper arm. Bulma flinched as she felt the cold mental pierce her skin, but blocked the pain out as she quickly kicked the dagger out of Daresanaís hand. Daresana paled as she felt her dagger being thrown from her hand. Daresana desperately lunged at the knife, only to have it kicked away from her by Bulma. Quickly Bulma kicked her onto her back, and put her foot on her neck, and standing on her arm breaking it easily.

" Donít make me do this Daresana." Bulma begged." Just forget all that has happened!"

Daresana glared desperately at Bulma, refusing to nod or give up.

" Woman?!" A loud voice called. Bulma turned her head to see Vegeta approaching the door, looking for her. He spotted her almost immediately, and began to approach her. Suddenly Bulma found herself on her back, Daresana had somehow managed to throw Bulma off of her. Bulma was shocked as she sat up, and watched quickly as Daresana dashed for the dagger. She quickly stood back up, quickly looked back towards Vegeta.

" Why wonít you just die bitch?!" Daresana screamed as she lunged at Bulma. Bulma didnít have time to react as she felt the knife being shoved through her stomach. Bulma gasped as she fell quickly to her knees and smiled at Daresana. Daresana backed up in horror, still staring at her friend.

" I always knew you were jealous of me." Bulma laughed sadistically, as she pulled the knife out of her stomach.

Vegeta saw the Bulma drop to her knees, but was not sure why until he neared her, he saw the knife as Bulma drew it out of her stomach, dripping with blood. His eyes closed quickly as he saw the sickening sight. He wanted to scream, completely lose control. He glared hatefully at Daresana as he lunged at her, knocking her off her feet. Daresana was sent flying into the nearest wall, but she quickly picked herself up off the floor.

" You shouldnít have done that." Daresana hissed as she foolishly took a shot at Vegeta. He smirked with rage as he punched her in the stomach then quickly in the face. Daresana fell to the ground, almost unconscious, Vegeta smirked he drew a sword quickly and picked Daresana up by her hair, and quickly beheaded her. Vegeta grimaced as he threw the corpse back onto the ground and walked back over to Bulma. He fell quickly to his knees and held her.

" Vegeta.." Bulma sputtered, her hands covering her stomach. Bulmaís eyes filled with tears. " Is she dead?" Bulma asked. Vegeta only nodded. " Good she was always a bitch."

" Woman you canít die." Vegeta managed to say.

" I donít really have a choice." Bulma laughed weakly. " Good night my prince." Bulma said quietly as she closed her eyes for a final time. Vegetaís eyes closed too at that moment as he felt her body go limp. He opened his eyes and laid her body back down on the ground. His eyes fell quickly on the knife that Bulma had pulled out of her stomach, it was covered in blood, warm blood. He picked it up quickly and toyed with it before smiling. What did he have to live for? The only woman he was ever meant to be with was dead. No one else could replace her, no one could ever come close. Vegeta put his head down as he held fast to the knife and shoved it deeply into his stomach and waited for death to come.

* * * * *

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