Chapter Four

" Raditz stop teasing!" The Spanish woman giggled, her hands tangling in his onyx hair.

" But its so much fun." He retorted lowering his focus on the woman. She giggled again before pulling a loose sheet over themselves. The two tangled beneath the sheets for several minutes making quite a mess of the bed, suddenly a deafening crash interrupted them.

" What the hell?!" Raditz screamed furiously as he yanked the blanket off himself. When Raditz got out from underneath the sheet " What the fuck?! Iím gonna rip someoneís -" Raditz stopped in mid sentence and promptly fell to one knee.

" Next time you address me in that manner it will be your last." Vegeta growled as he walked closer to Raditz. Raditz simply nodded, wanting to keep his life. " Get your pathetic ass off the floor." Raditz obeyed quickly and rose from his kneeling position. Vegeta then turned his attention back to the woman in the room. " Get out." The woman simply nodded, grabbing the sheet she was wrapped up in for cover and scampering out of the room. " One of the women we are seeking out is posing as Sanchezís niece, Briefs, I need to know all I can about her."

" She was the vice president of the largest most technologically advanced company on earth. However when we seized the planet, both she and the company disappeared. She is nothing short of brilliant, we suspect that she was the one who eliminated most of the Saiyans on this planet. She is a great fighter as well as a genius." Raditz explained.

" I want them both executed for treason, however I want Sanchez executed." Vegeta ordered coldly, turning to leave the room.

" What about Briefs?" Raditz asked.

" I will deal with her myself." Vegeta stated, an evil smirk crossing his lips. " I want you to move on Sanchez in forty eight hours."

" Yes sir."

" Do whatever the hell you want until then." Vegeta snarled as he quickly left the room, and headed in the direction of the training room where he knew she would be.

When he reached his destination he wasnít shocked at what he saw, the blue haired goddess lost in a myriad of forceful punches and kicks. He moved into the shadows quickly, his eyes never leaving her body. She moved quickly keeping all her movements simple and never missing her target. In that moment it was clear that she was the picture of concentration. The look on her face was hard and cold, masking whatever emotion that was making her fight so hard. Her long cerulean hair was pulled back into a tight bun, as to not block her vision. Her clothes were tight fitting and black, showing off her upper body, which was covered in a sheen layer of sweat. Vegeta suddenly stepped back and tore his eyes away from the woman and stepped back, abandoning all thoughts.

The night was a difficult one for Vegeta, his mind wondering to the blue haired vixen. No amount of tossing and turning could make him forget what he had seen earlier. She could handle herself in almost any situation and still had remarkable intelligence. Vegeta growled inwardly at his thoughts, she was human and a traitor to his empire, but by far the most captivating woman that he had ever seen. Vegeta growled in anger as he rose from his bed, with a meeting in an hour and a half sleep was out of the question. He couldn't get his mind off of the blue haired beauty. He had to know more about her. It angered him that she was the one causing problems for him. He needed to find out more about her little plan and what she was up to. Vegeta decided that he would pay the governor a visit to see what he could get out of him.

Vegeta stormed down the vast hallways of the mansion looking for the Governorís office, he didnít really care for the old man, but what had to be done had to be done.

" You seem in a hurry Prince Vegeta." A feminine voice came from aside of him. He looked over to find Bulma slightly trailing aside of him.

" Iím only in a hurry to get off this weak planet." Vegeta said coolly.

" I always thought earth was quite nice, compared to some planets." Bulma responded quickly. " Anyway, Iím sure you have something more important to do than talk to me, so I believe that I will be on my way."

" Whatever." Vegeta said calmly as he watched her turn a corner in the mansion and disappear from site. Vegeta continued to walk until he found the door to the governors office., he practically threw the door open as he stormed past the secretary and into the governors office. The elderly governor had was looking out the window as Vegeta came in and slammed the door. Sanchez turned around at the sound of the door slamming and paled slightly when he saw the prince.

" Prince Vegeta I wasnít expecting you." Sanchez said as he rose from his chair.

" I wasnít expecting you were." He snarled. " Listen old man I know that you are involved with the little organization, and I think its best that you tell me all you know."

" Prince Vegeta I donít know what you are talking about." Sanchez said defensively.

" Donít play with me old man." Vegeta said as he wrapped his hand around his throat and pushed him against the wall. " If you tell me I may not kill you." The governor choked for air as he nodded. Vegeta let go of the old mans throat and let him fall to the floor.

" Daresana and Bulma here to kill you." He managed to say through his coughing.

" Who was executing it?!" Vegeta asked furiously, grabbing the old man by his collar.

" Bulma Briefs." He spat hatefully. " I hope you burn in hell."

Vegeta smirked as he pulled back from the man, satisfied with what he had heard.

" Tell anyone of this and you will die a very slow and painful death." Vegeta threatened. The old man pulled himself back into his chair and nodded.

" Bulma is already on her way here." The governor told Vegeta. Vegeta nodded as he sat down quickly and tried to calm himself. He had heard what he needed, but for some reason he felt regret that he would have to kill the woman. The door swiftly burst open breaking the both men away from their thoughts and back into reality.

" Morning Gentlemen." Bulma greeted happily. " I hope both of you are well rested and ready for what I am about to tell you."

" Go ahead Miss Brennigan." Vegeta grumbled quietly.

" We have found nothing new, we will need more time." Bulma said quickly.

" We have no more time Miss. Brennigan." Vegeta told her. " I will give you twenty four more hours. I want to know where the group is before I leave tomorrow."

" Prince Vegeta that will be almost impossible for me to do. " Bulma defended quickly.

" You will do as I say or you will be killed! So its your pick Miss. Brennigan, Is that clear?" Vegeta snarled in anger, rising from his chair.

" I will do what I can Prince Vegeta!" Bulma said angrily as she rose from her chair, coming to eye level with him. "And if I donít do it I will kill myself than rather be murdered by your hands!" Bulma spun to leave but suddenly Vegetaís rage exploded as he quickly grabbed her arm and brought her back to him.

" Listen you insubordinate little bitch, you are mine." Vegeta whispered roughly in her ear. Bulma snorted as she broke his grip on her arm and pulled away.

" I belong to no one." Bulma spat venomously, giving him a deathly stare as she pulled back from him and storming out of the room, just as quickly as she had come.

Half an hour later Bulma was still as fired up as she had been earlier. Her ever growing hatred for the prince was now consuming her. She was doing her regular training exercises with incredible force, but suddenly she stopped upon feeling someone else in the room with her, more specifically, Vegeta.

" Are you just going to stand there or do you want to fight me?" Bulma said coolly, turning to face the angry prince.

" You are quite a stupid woman." Vegeta smirked as he lunged at her. Bulma smiled confidently as she did the same, colliding with great force against the prince. Bulma was knocked to the ground but quickly made use of her legs and pushed Vegeta back, buying her time to get back up. Vegeta smiled as the two where back up yet again. He smirked, quite surprised that she could even handle this level of combat. She was quick on her feet and never let someone have the upper hand. Bulma smiled as she flipped herself onto her hands and used her legs to flip the prince onto his back. Vegeta not to be beaten quickly reversed positions with her and pinned her hands above her head with one hand. Her cerulean eyes sparkled with hatred as she glared hatefully at him.

" It doesn't have to be like this little one." Vegeta said coyly, his free hand wandering the ample curves that her training clothes only exaggerated.

" Burn in hell." Bulma spat hatefully.

" Oh I will, but I wonít do it alone." Vegeta said, smirking viciously. Bulma smiled as she quickly pushed him violently off of her, sending Vegeta flying a good ten feet back. Bulma didnít look at him again as she stormed out of the training room. She didnít know what to think, she knew what she had to do, but her dreams and little altercations with the Saiyan prince where starting to get to her.

" Just get it together Bulma, things will soon be over." Bulma whispered to herself, praying that she was right.

* * * * *

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