Chapter Three

Bulma quickly pulled herself off the floor her body still hot and worked up from the incident with Vegeta. she was stunned that he had made her feel things she hadnít felt in two years, not since Yamchaís death. Bulma growled in frustration. She couldnít just forget about revenge just because the prince of the Saiyans turned her on.

" That Bastard!" Bulma cursed out loud. " Lukizia! Get your ass back in here now!" The blond haired boy rushed back in immediately.

" Something wrong Bulma?" Lukizia asked. He was apparently frightened, and for good reason, Bulma was not a woman to mess with when she was angry.

" Letís get back to work." Bulma said taking a fighting stance. Lukizia clearly gave his all while fighting Bulma, but she was just too much for the boy. Bulma knew that he didnít like to train with her because unlike Daresana, she gave him no breaks.

" Come on Lukizia you can do better than that!" Bulma barked. " I know you can! Destine could block better than you can! You want to leave Romania a widow once the Saiyans kick your ass?" Lukizia returned a kick to Bulmaís midsection and a punch to her jaw for that comment. " Thatís more like it." Bulma quickly countered as she kicked Lukizia in the chest, sending him down to the ground with a thud. " Aw Lukizia, youíre so not fun!"

" Yeah-right Bulma; Iím just not on the same level as you are a fighter." Lukizia mumbled as Bulma helped him off the ground.

"Aw I doubt that Luk, just keep training!" Bulma smiled as she glanced at her wristwatch. " Well as much as Iíd love to stay and kick your ass some more, I have a party to get ready for."
" Yeah hereís something I've never seen before. Bulma ditching training for a party? Insane!" Lukizia joked, pulling himself off the ground.

" Well I guess Iíll see you later then." Bulma said flipping her long blue hair over her shoulders and exiting the room.

Bulma breathed a sigh of relief as she finally reached her room. She had managed to find her way back to her room easily, but not without an altercation or two. The mansion was teeming with Saiyan guards, and apparently they had a hard time keeping themselves. Once inside Bulma made a quick run down of her room, seeing where she could hide most of her equipment. Bulma decided to shove her equipment under the bed. It worked quite nicely and in the event that it was found it was secure in a large steel box with an almost indestructible lock. Bulma smiled as she picked herself up off the floor and sat down on the bed.

" Well all I need to do now is find something to wear to this stupid party." Bulma mumbled as she pulled a suitcase up on her bed and opened it. Luckily she had packed more dresses than anything else, so she had a lot to choose from. Bulma rummaged around for a good thirty minutes before she finally decided on a silk gray backless gown that tied around her neck. Bulma smiled as she lifted the gown out of her bag and closed it, she had little time to turn a secret agent into socialite.

An hour and a half-later Bulma stood before her mirror quite pleased with what she saw. The dress fit very nicely on her curvy figure, showing off her sculpted body. It also had a low cut neckline leaving just a peek of cleavage to be seen, but not enough to be indecent. Surprisingly it hadnít even taken her a half an hour to fix her hair and make up. She was just wearing some shimmering eye shadow with fire red lipstick. Her hair was probably the easiest thing of all to do, her long aqua locks tumbling down her shoulders and back. She smiled sweetly as she glanced at herself on last time before slipping into her shoes, gray stilettos that matched her dress perfectly. She was just about out the door before she remembered that she had to wear her " special " earrings and ear piece.

" Romania! Can you hear me?" Bulma asked quickly.

" Yes Bulma loud and clear." Romania replied, sounding a bit bored.

" Where is Destine?" Bulma asked, If she was going into a mission this dangerous she liked to know where everyone was, in case something went wrong.

" Sitting on her ass next to me, monitoring the camera." Romania informed her.

" Nice to see her doing something useful for a change." Bulma laughed as she walked out the door.

" Okay show time." Bulma exclaimed happily. If things played out right, she would have her revenge in less than forty eight hours.

Bulma smiled walked quickly towards the arrogant princeís room, she hadnít really smiled in two years, except when she thought about what it would be like to finally have her revenge. The events of two years flashed before her eyes as she neared the princeís room. Her heartache after the disaster, her determination to become strong, all the hours of being someone else to take down one sleazy Saiyan or another, and now she would finally have it. When his room came into view two guards stood in front of it. A tall one with big spiky hair and a bald one.

" I am here to see Prince Vegeta." Bulma stated flatly. The bald one glanced at her in amusement.

" The prince doesnít except hookers wench." He snarled, an evil grin forming on his lips. " But Iím another story."

" Leave her alone Nappa; she looks too weak to have any fun with." The other guard pointed out. Bulma glanced at him viciously.

" Too bad Iím not a hooker." Bulma replied coolly. " And if you touch me youíll find yourself missing few teeth. Not that it would hurt your already ugly." The grin faded off his face instantly and a look of rage replaced it.

" Come here you little bitch!" The bald one, Nappa, said grabbing her roughly by the arm. Bulma kneed him quickly in the stomach, making him double over. Before he knew what was coming she hit several pressure points in his neck, rendering him unconscious. The remaining guard caught her off guard however pinning her arms behind her back. Bulma smiled as she simply shook him off her and turned around and kicked him in the stomach with her heels, he instantly fell to his knees and passed out.

" Score one for Bulma!" Romania and Destineís voices rang in her ear.

" Screw you both." Bulma mumbled through clenched teeth.

" What the hell?!" Vegetaís voice rang out loudly. He was undoubtedly angry. Bulma glanced up at him quickly and her heart almost stopped. He was dressed in a suit which made him look even better than he did when she had seen him earlier. Quickly she shook off her awe and regained her composure.

" Damn I hope I didnít kill them." Bulma mumbled stepping over the two unconscious Saiyans.

" Pathetic." Vegeta grumbled angrily, kicking the two aside.

" Well I suppose we go then Prince Vegeta?" Bulma smiled sweetly, offering him her hand.

" Yes." Vegeta agreed, looking at her for the first time since she had arrived. His eyes wandered her body for a second before taking her hand.

" I think these events are such a waste of time." Bulma stated, as the two began walking.

" And what would you rather be doing for fun?" Vegeta asked.

" Training." Bulma stated simply.

" Why should a women like yourself be training so hard?" Vegeta chuckled.

" Well I like to stay in shape for certain physical activities that I find so stimulating." Bulma said sexily walking a bit ahead of the prince.

" Bulma your suppose to kill him not seduce him!" Romania commented again.

" Iím requesting radio silence." Bulma whispered.

" Whatever!" Romania shot back. " But Iíll be watching!"

" Do you enjoy talking to yourself woman?" Vegeta asked, apparently quite amused.

" Your very funny Prince Vegeta." Bulma said sarcastically.

" And your a very good actress, in addition to many, many other things." Vegeta said seductively.

" What do you mean your highness?" Bulma said sardonically. "Iím only polite."

" Well I suggest you drop the act, you may be able to fool my guards and your uncle, but you canít fool me." Vegeta said seriously. " Besides your body language doesnít scream polite and innocent anyway." He told her, linking arms with her again. Bulma glared murder at the prince, if things went at this rate the prince would be dead sooner than planned.

There was no short of gasps and whispers about the party as the two entered the room, although most of them were directed at the alien prince. Bulma just laughed under her breath as most of the guests looked afraid of t

" Ah Prince Vegeta, so nice to see you again!" The governor said as he greeted the two. " And Bulma! So nice of you to be on time for a change!" Bulma flashed a smile at the governor quickly, before glancing back to the prince.

" Whatever." Vegeta growled, blowing off his host, he clearly didnít want be socializing with the elderly governor.

" Well I believe there is music being played, and I also believe it was you who said music above all should never be wasted." Bulma pointed out.

" So I did." He said as they turned away. " May I have this dance your highness?"

" Yes you may." Vegeta said as he took the aqua haired goddess in his arms. He softly heard Bulma gasp as he pulled her body very close to his own.

" So tell me if you are Prince Vegeta of Vegetasii, then that means their has to be a king. Is he anything like you are?"

" No Heís an old fool who has outlived his use. I would kill him but under Saiyan law I canít kill him until I turn twenty five." Vegeta explained.

" And that makes you how old now?" Bulma asked curiously.

" twenty two." Stated simply.

" So we are close in age. Iím twenty." Bulma admitted.

" You very well do not act like you are twenty." Vegeta chuckled, remembering their little discussion earlier.

" You live and you learn to grow up. When Chikyuu was still an independent planet I was arranged to be married. My suitor was accidentally killed by the Saiyans." Bulma told him.

" Did you...What is the word humans use to describe feeling?" Vegeta asked.

" Love?" Bulma guessed.

" Yes."

" I donít believe in love." Bulma said quickly. " There is only sex."

" You are the first human Iíve met with that sort of attitude." Vegeta chuckled. " Are you sure your not a saiyan?"

" Quite." Bulma laughed, glancing at him strangely. " Why would you say that?"

" Well your very similar in attitude, and your quite an impressive fighter, and you seem very in charge" Vegeta explained, dipping the cerulean beauty in his arms.

" You have no idea." Bulma giggled.

" Well I would love to find out." Vegeta whispered seductively in her ear. Bulma smiled as she rested her head against his chest, somehow she didnít think they were talking about fighting any more.

" Hmm, well maybe you will, and maybe you wonít." Bulma said teasingly, as she pulled away from the prince as the song ended. " Thank you for the dance Prince Vegeta."

" Any Time, Miss Brennigan." Vegeta said smoothly, his eyes never leaving hers.

" I think Iím going to call it a night." Bulma announced.

" Well then let me escort you back to your room." Vegeta offered..

" No, no I ensure you I will be fine. I can handle myself and besides Iím your escort for this trip." Bulma reminded him.

" Even so It would be my honor." Vegeta said smoothly offering her his arm. Bulma sighed and defeat as she took his arm and was led out of the party.

" So that was fun wasnít it?" Bulma commented as the two walked down the long silent corridors of the mansion, the only noise to be heard was the clicking of her heels. " I swear these parties are only a great big over priced show."

" Probably." Vegeta agreed, not really paying attention to her.

" You know not paying attention is a sure way to get your butt kicked, right?" Bulma laughed maliciously.

" So could taunting your superior girl." Vegeta spat. Bulmaís eyes narrowed as she glared at him hatefully.

" Well then I suppose its good that I donít have any superiors." Bulma said angrily.

" Your very lucky I wonít fight such a weak woman." Vegeta sneered.

" Another thing Iím not." Bulma said venomously, feeling very relieved as her room came into view. " Well as much as I would love to stay and continue this little argument I believe this is my room. Thank you for the company Prince Vegeta I truly enjoyed it." Bulma said sarcastically. He only nodded in response as she turned her back on the prince and faced her door, missing the appearance of a devilish smirk. Bulma quickly entered in the code to her room and opened the door, but just as she was ready to step in, she felt her whole body turn as she was quickly facing the saiyan prince, his body pressed against her front while her back was against the cold wall of the hallway.

" As I said Woman you should learn some respect for your superiors." Vegeta said evilly as he bent down slightly to kiss her. Bulma was very taken off guard by the kiss, but didnít break it, instead she wrapped her arms around his neck in an effort to draw herself nearer to him. Vegetaís hands roamed her body freely, wandering her ample curves. Bulma gasped as she felt the top part of her halter style gown being ripped off her neck. Vegeta quickly moved from her lips to her neck and downward, letting the rest of the dress hang at her stomach. Bulmaís eyes snapped open violently as she quickly shoved him off of her and pulled up what remained of her dress to cover her.

" Good night Prince Vegeta." Bulma said breathlessly as she quickly stepped inside of her room and closed the door. Vegeta stood in shock at the little woman who had just blown him off. He was beyond pissed off and had a very strong urge to kill something. He cursed a loud once more before stormed away from the room, missing the person who hid in the shadows of the hallway.

Bulma collapsed onto her bed trying to catch her breath, her whole body tingled and her face was badly flushed. " What is wrong with me?" Bulma muttered under her breath. This mission was just like many missions before this, but now there was something holding her back from doing her job. Was it really possible that after all she had been through, she would crack under pressure? Bulma shook her head wearily as she pulled herself up from her mattress. " Get a grip." She thought aloud. Bulma sighed as she realized she was still holding the ripped dress to her chest. " Aw damn it. I liked that dress too!" Bulma mumbled as she stood quickly and stepped out of the ripped gown and slipped into a silk black night gown. It had been a very long and emotionally taxing day, and she wanted nothing more than get into the large king size bed and go to sleep for a very long time. " Soon." Bulma sighed as she strode silently into the bathroom.

" Ugh I hate you!" Bulma yelled at her laptop as she slammed the top down. ( Her computer hadnít been working quite right for days and she couldnít really fix it since there was nothing really wrong with it besides it was cheap.) Bulma uncrossed her legs and leaned back lazily on her bed. " Note to self remind Daresana not to be so cheap with her equipment." Bulma thought aloud.

" Well Iím glad you think Iím so capable." Daresanaís smooth voice responded. Bulmaís head shot up in shock as she gazed at her now blond friend.

" Hey we have to work on this crap ya know." Bulma said slyly." and Just how exactly did you get in? and further more what are you doing here?"

" You taught me how to break into anything remember?" Daresana said sauntering over to the bed. " Come on get your lazy ass up we have to go meet with Governor Sanchez. IĎll answer all your questions while we walk." Bulma groaned as she raised up off herbed and slipped into her robe.

" I guess Iím going barefoot." Bulma sighed as she followed Daresana out of the room.

" I suppose so." Daresana said as the two continued to walk down the hallway.

" So tell me Dar, whatever are you doing here? I really wasnít expecting you" Bulma cooed, playfully smacking her friend in the back. "By the way I love your hair."

" Thanks. I thought I needed some deep cover here." Daresana laughed. " But anyway. Yeah I know you didnĎt think IĎd show for this, but I just figured, weíve both worked so hard on this that I really couldnít miss an execution like this." Daresana whispered, not wanting to be heard.

" Yes we both worked overtime for two years to get our plan to this stage." Bulma told her.

" You mean I worked overtime!" Daresana laughed.

" How would you like a public beating?" Bulma asked evilly. Daresana grimaced, she very well knew Bulma would and could do it too.

" Stop here." Daresana commanded, as she entered a code to the room and entered quickly. Bulma closed her eyes to see if they where being followed, nothing unusual though. When the pair entered the governor sat in a large chair relaxing with a young woman just about Bulmaís age.

" Ah my two favorite girls!" The governor said as he motioned for them to sit. " I donít suppose youíve met my wife, RosalŪa?"

" Uh, no. Nice to meet you." Bulma said, plopping lazily in a chair

" Likewise Iíve heard so much about you both." The young black haired woman cooed.

" Daresana it would have been nice if I had a little notice about your visit though." The Governor said glancing at her angrily.

" Iíll try to keep you more informed in the future, but for this visit, I hadnít been planning on coming, but I decided I just had to." Daresana explained, smiling sweetly.

" Whatever, I have called you both here because I need to know exactly when everything will be happening tomorrow night." The governor explained. " I want everything to go smoothly so that bastard of a prince will be taken down."

" Yes. I understand that sir, however we do not know the specifics of everything just yet." Bulma told him. " I just ask that you trust us."

" Very well." The governor sighed, letting the two have their way. " How will you be killing him Bulma?"

" The old fashioned way, Iím going to kick his ass." Bulma said bluntly.

" That should be interesting." Daresana commented.

"Well that is about it, since you can not tell me any more." The governor sighed. "Any other concerns?"

" Yes I have one." Bulma said quickly. " Daresana you shouldnít be here, its too big of a risk."

" Bulma nothing will come of it!" Daresana assured her.

" Dar you donít get it! If Iím right and they have us on tape, they already know who I am, and they will also know who you are. Its one thing for me to put my life in danger, but its ludicrous for us to put our whole organization in danger!"

" Bulma I can handle myself!" Daresana protested.

" If I die, they will come after you and kill you and then two years of our work goes down the drain! Weíve all seen what these monsters can do." Bulma spat angrily.

" That wonít happen." Daresana said stubbornly. " Weíll kill the bastard and be out of here by the day after tomorrow, and then onto bigger fish, like the king."

" Fine! Stay here if you want, but if you get into trouble I wonít be helping you!" Bulma said angrily before getting up and storming out of the room.

When Bulma got back to her room she was way beyond angry." Damn you Daresana!" Bulma cursed as she slammed the door to her room angrily." Your just to stubborn for your own good!" Bulma growled as she threw her robe to the ground. " Maybe Iíll feel better if I sleep." Bulma thought a loud, crawling onto her bed. " I just wish youíd listen to me." Bulma sighed before falling into a deep sleep.

~ Dream ~

A soft light filled a very dark room. Bulma looked around wildly, finding herself alone. She wore a long black silk gown, but she didnít have on any shoes. Bulma laughed softly as she gently ran her hands down the fine silk gown; she had never worn a dress as beautiful as this before. She wandered around the room silently observing her surroundings, but her thoughts where broken when out of nowhere a strong arm slid around her waist.

" You kept me waiting." A deep voice whispered.

" I did no such thing." Bulma whispered in response, leaning back into the person. She moaned slightly as she felt her gown being lifted off of her perfect body, she never saw it hit the floor because the lights suddenly went off. The room was pitch black, making it impossible for Bulma to see her would be lover. She gasped loudly as she felt her body being turned around, she was now pressed against her lover. His hands eagerly explored her body, leaving no area untouched.

" Tell me who you are." Bulma demanded. Her only response was a mind-blowing kiss, her hands wandered his broad chest aimlessly, exploring his body. She giggled as her lover moved from her lips to her neck and downward to her chest, his tongue tracing lazy spirals around her already swollen nipples, making her even more aroused. Bulma heard him chuckle evilly as he laid her down onto the floor, and lowered his focus. Slowly he dragged his tongue across her clit until she climaxed, which left her shaking badly. Suddenly the lights came back on revealing her loverís identity. Bulma gasped in horror as she saw who he was, Prince Vegeta! Bulma recoiled from him in disgust.

" I have you now." He told her, a wicked grin slipping onto his face.

~ Dream ends ~

Bulma shot up in her bed, her body hot with desire, her face was flushed a deep crimson red and her heart was beating wildly. In an instant Bulma was out of her bed and dressed in her training clothes. She quickly splashed some water on her face, in a vain attempt to cool down, but it was no use. Bulma sighed frustrated as she exited her room and headed to the training facility, hoping a little violence would calm her down.

* * * * *

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