Chapter Two

" Prince Vegeta we will be ready to land in fifteen minutes." Raditz announced. Vegeta leaned back in his chair and nodded. Chikyuu was, by his standards, a weak and pitiful planet, that didnít deserve his presence. However it seemed time it required it. A few natives had formed a group to overthrow his power, and they were doing quite well. They had managed to take out over five hundred Saiyans on the planet in two years. This surprised him greatly, but what shocked him even more was that women were behind the whole operation. The two women were Bulma Briefs and Daresana Languna. Briefs had been a Chikyuu heiress, however she and her company managed to disappear when the planet had been seized. If it wasnít for one fatal mistake about six months ago no one would have known the two were even still living, both her and Languna had been seen by Cameraís on a headquarters literally beating the shit out of one of the strongest guards on the planet. Needless to say an organization that had people of this caliber backing it had to be dealt with and quickly. Both women appeared to be smart and obviously good at their jobs, because it had taken them two years to even catch them on camera. Vegeta smirked; it had always been his experience that those who make one mistake usually make another one very soon.

" Prince Vegeta." A Raditzís gruff voice came from the opening door. " The governor of Ibiza will be providing his niece as an escort for the time you are on the planet." Vegeta nodded slowly.

" You may leave." Vegeta growled. He sat back in his chair wondering what kind of social farces he would have to go through on this strange, weak planet, but his mind kept wandering back to the Briefs woman. It continued to amaze him that a woman could be that strong and cunning, and she was apparently smart if she could keep an organization like this running without being noticed.

" Prince Vegeta, we have landed on Chikkyuu." Raditz voice came over the intercom.

" Very good." Vegeta said standing up; working his way through this was not going to be easy, because the two women still had to be found.

The Island of Ibiza was quite beautiful with its tropical climate and scenery. The governor was already waiting to greet the Prince by the time the ship landed. Vegeta emerged from the ship to be greeted by Diego Sanchez, the governor of Ibiza.

" Welcome Prince Vegeta." Sanchez said bowing before the prince. " I am Governor Sanchez, my niece was scheduled to be here, but she seems to be late."

" No matter. I am here to talk business with you and not meet and greet." Vegeta snapped.

" There is an organization that has been trying to over throw my authority on this planet, which is why I am here to dispose of this problem."

" Yes I have been told of this. I have been checking into this and we know very little about this group as opposed to some of the other radical groups on the planet." The governor explained. Suddenly a boy, no older than 18, with longer blond hair approached the two political powers.

" Governor Sanchez your niece has arrived." A boy informed them.

" Thank you Lukizia." The governor said as an aqua haired beauty emerged from her limo. Vegetaís eyes wandered her body slowly, even from a long distance it was very clear this woman was a great beauty.

" Good morning uncle." Bulma cooed before bowing to the prince. " Prince Vegeta." Vegetaís eyes widened in shock as he looked back to the woman.. It was the Briefs woman. " Well isnít this interesting." Vegeta thought silently. His eyes darted back to the Governor who was hugging the young woman.

" Prince Vegeta this is my niece Bulma Brennigan, She is in charge of most political matters, and will be working with you in addition to being your personal escort for any social events."

" Yes I was informed of this." Vegeta said, bringing the womanís hand to his lips lightly. " It will be a pleasure, Miss. Brennigan."

" Yes Iím sure it will be." Bulma replied in an icy tone. Vegeta smirked, she definitely was the woman he had been looking forward, and this was going to be all too easy.

"We have a car ready to drive you back to the governor's mansion, my niece will escort you." The governor informed them as the three walked to the car." We also have a ball planned for this evening. It will give you a chance to get acquainted with the heads of government."

" Good." Vegeta said before turning away from the governor and getting into a car.

" See you later uncle." Bulma said smoothly before getting into the car with Vegeta. " So I hear you are here to track down a group of radicals?"

" Yes they have been trying to overthrow my authority. They are becoming quite a problem." Vegeta said calmly. " So tell me about yourself Miss Brennigan. Brennigan doesnít sound like a very Spanish name."

" Well that is because it isnít. My mother wasnít Spanish, she was born in America, but her parents died when she was a small child. After that Lorenzo Sanchez, my adoptive grandfather adopted her. She met my father at in her late teens and married him. She was in her early thirties when she became pregnant with me. However, my mother died in childbirth and my father was a congressman in America, but he was unfortunately executed after the Saiyans arrived. I was in my early twentyís when my father was executed. That happened and now here I am working for my uncle in Ibiza." Bulma explained.

" Iím terribly sorry for your loss." Vegeta said quickly.

" Thank you." Bulma said humbly. "I suppose I have gotten past it, I wasnít very close with my father."

" Miss Brennigan. We have arrived at the mansion." The driver informed them, as the car came to a stop. A few moments later the driver opened the door and the couple exited. " Your uncle is already in his office."

" Thank you." Bulma said sweetly, as they walked into the front door. " This is the governor's mansion." Bulma explained. "My uncle works here as well as lives here." The two walked quietly with Bulma leading the way to the main office. When the two arrived they managed to slip past the secretary and sneak directly into the governor's office.

" Hello again uncle." Bulma greeted. " I assume we wonít be talking politics today? Itís in such poor taste to discuss politics on the first day of oneĎs visit."

" I agree Bulma. Since you are having such a great deal to do with this operation I assume you will be staying in the mansion." Sanchez asked.

" Yes that is correct." Bulma stated. " May I please be dismissed now? Iím sure you and the prince have much to discuss."

" Yes you may Bulma." He said calmly. " Please be on time for the party tonight, It starts at eight tonight and please dress formally, no leather like last time! We canít have a repeat performance of that!" Sanchez Joked.

" Yes of course Uncle." Bulma said smoothly as she rose from her chair. " Till tonight your majesty." Bulma said, bowing in a very lady like manner before sauntering out of the room.

" Isnít she something?" The governor asked.

" Yes she certainly is." Vegeta murmured, still dazed. It appeared that actress was one more talent to add to a growing list for this girl. She was beautiful, poised, strong, dangerous, and cunning. "It has to be a sin to have brains strength and looks and be on opposing sides." Vegeta thought silently.

" Prince Vegeta if it would interest you, we have a very technologically advanced training center, it is at your disposal if you need to use it."

" What kind of technology could this weak planet possibly have to offer me?" Vegeta asked in amusement.

" Well my niece has developed several things, such as a machine that enhances the gravity as you train." He said quickly.

" And what good would that be to your niece?" Vegeta asked, playing along with the governor.

" Well she is considered to be one of the best fighters on the planet, plus she trains my bodyguards. To say the least she can handle herself quite well."

" Oh really?" Vegeta question, a devilish idea entering his mind. " Well I will have to go check that out." Vegeta stated, rising from his chair and exiting the room, leaving the elderly governor speechless.

Vegeta wandered the mansion for a few hours, searching different rooms, getting accustomed to his new surroundings. The mansion was most interesting, but not overly large. One particular room that interested him was the training room. It appeared to be in use, so he decided to peek in and see who was training. When he did he was meant by a very interesting scene, Bulma beating up a tall blond haired boy he had seen earlier. Vegeta watched her for several minutes and was very impressed. She had either been trained all her life to do this or was a fast learner.

" Hello Miss. Brennigan." Vegeta said coolly, making his presence known. Bulma kicked the boy to the ground quickly before turning to him.

" Prince Vegeta, what a surprise to see you here." Bulma responded, his eyes meeting hers momentarily.

" Whatever." Vegeta growled as he eyed the boy who still lay on the floor. " Out boy." He immediately jumped to his feet and exited the room. " I can see youíre a very brilliant fighter." He said as he began to circle her, slowly inspecting her. " It makes me wonder what else you can do."

" Iím sure you would like to know." Bulma snapped. " But I make it a habit never to mix business with pleasure.

" As do I, but this time I may make an exception." Vegeta said suggestively.

" Oh I feel so honored." Bulma snapped, her voice teeming with sarcasm. Vegeta smirked as he grabbed her arm viciously and held it behind her back, bringing her body close to his own.

" It would do you good to learn some respect girl." Vegeta whispered in her ear.

" Crown prince of Vejiitasei or not, I will not give respect to a mass murder." Bulma hissed, she was losing control in her pain, making her forget her cover.

" But you will work with one?" Vegeta whispered his mouth close to her ear.

" Iíd do anything to help save the world from a bunch of killerís." Bulma spat fiercely.

" Even sleep with a mass murder?" Vegeta asked, brushing her hair away from her neck leaving it exposed. " You said anything." Vegeta mumbled as he brought his lips to her neck.

" Anything but that." Bulma said breaking free of his grasp and turning quickly to kick him in the stomach. He was caught off guard by her sudden attack, but definitely not hurt. Vegeta retaliated by knocking her to the ground and pinning her beneath him. She struggled violently against him, cerulean eyes shining with rage.

" Drop dead." Bulma whimpered, her breath ragged. He leaned down slowly and kissed her deeply. Bulma began to relax immediately, and she was apparently enjoying the kiss.

" You donít want that." Vegeta said breaking the kiss, and walking away, leaving her dazed.

* * * * *

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