Chapter One

" Youíll never beat me Bulma." Daresana taunted, as she delivered a kick to Bulmaís side. Bulma returned a kick to Daresanaís midsection.

" Iíd watch it if I were you." Bulma said, dropping to the ground and kicking the legs out from under Daresana. She fell to the ground in an instant. Bulma jumped back onto her feet, as did Daresana. " I think that will do it for today."

" Yeah right." Daresana sighed. " We have got to work on you kicks though."

" And weĎve got to work on your eye contact." Bulma said, grabbing a towel from the wall.

" I guess that means that were both in for a hard workout tomorrow." Daresana laughed.

" Oh yeah." Bulma said, walking into the showers. " When is our next meeting?"

" Right after this." Daresana said seriously, turning on the water.

" Your lucky your top agent is so tough." Bulma laughed. " You run us ragged trying to take down an elite race of killers and then you canít even give us down time?"

" Thatís right." Daresana replied. " There is no rest for the weary."

" Oh and weary we are." Bulma said, turning on the water. " This is my only solace." Bulma said rubbing her sore neck under the water.

" Oh and taking down the Saiyans means nothing to you?" Daresana asked.

" I mean in the mean time." Bulma said, enjoying the feel of the hot water on her body. " So how are things with Darrin?"

"The sex is good." Daresana admitted.

" With a body like that how could it not be?" Bulma laughed.

" So have you gotten lucky yet?" Daresana asked. " In the two years Iíve known you, youíve never had a good sex story to tell me!"

" Thatís because I havenít been with anyone since my old boyfriend baka." Bulma snapped, turning off the water. "And the Saiyans killed him." Bulma fought the inevitable tears that she knew would come.

" Look Bulma. Your the strongest and smartest person I have on my side, if anyone is gonna help me take these bastards down its going to be you." Daresana said, opening her locker beside Bulmaís. She sighed heavily she knew it was true, in the two years since she had started this, she had become very, very strong. Hard as it was to believe she had become stronger than Yamcha had been. Bulma opened her locker steadily and pulled out her favorite outfit, black leather pants and a gray short-sleeved t-shirt and her combat boots.

" Hair up or down?" Bulma asked.

" Down." Daresana said, pulling on her favorite pair of jeans and teal green tank top.

" Before you even ask." Bulma said moving over to Daresana. " Hair up." Bulma said pulling Daresanaís black hair back up in a ponytail.

" Aw what would I do without you Bulma?" Daresana said with mock sadness.

" Die?" Bulma laughed as she pulled on her boots. " That's what they all do when I leave emí cause baby Iím that good." Daresana and Bulma laughed in unison.

" Well time is wasting away." Daresana announced, slamming her locker shut.

" Wait I need my purse!" Bulma said grabbing her purse. "I just donít leave home without my weapons." Bulma said slamming her own locker shut and running after her friend.

Daresana and Bulma entered the small conference room. About twenty of the finest of her agents sat before them, the last hope of Chikyuu.

" Welcome back everyone." Daresana said walking over to the front of the table. " As you all know, the Saiyan prince is on the planet. Bulma Briefs has been assigned chief of that mission. Destine, Lukizia, and Romania will be accompanying Bulma on her mission. I want to see you four directly after this. The rest of you have alternate missions. I expect the best from all of you. No less." Daresana said coolly. " Any questions?" No one moved. Daresana smiled and nodded.

" Dismissed." Everyone got up out of his or her chair and the room slowly became empty. Daresana glanced at the four who remained at the table. " You will all meet me here tomorrow at five am sharp. From there you will be moving out to the island of Ibiza. Ibiza is a small island on the coast of Spain. But I expect you all to know your geography as well as your customs and languages." Daresana smiled. " I will now turn this over to Bulma." Daresana sat down. Bulma stood and smiled at the four.

" Well So far from what I have found the prince is on the island for some sort of political reasons." Bulma explained clicking up an image of a map. " Listen up girls and boys we're only going to get one shot at him." Bulma looked over as they all studied the map. " When he arrives tomorrow itíll be a pretty big ordeal, so every move he makes, we will know about it. We also have people working for us on the inside. This isnít going to be easy but this can be a smooth takedown, we can bag ourselves their prince, and be home in time for the weekend. Any questions?"

Destine raised her hand slowly. " When will we know the layouts of where we are working?"

" We will most likely be able to sneak in and familiarize ourselves with the building that night." Bulma informed them. " Everything else should be explained tomorrow morning. Go home, pack up and get some rest. This is going to be the biggest mission of the year. Dismissed."

Bulma sat down gently on her twin-sized bed. She stared idly at the photograph she held. It was a picture of Yamcha. Daresana looked up at her friend and smiled.

" Nervous?" Daresana asked smiling. Bulma looked up startled.

" Yes." Bulma admitted. " I want so badly to catch this guy."

" I know Bulma-Chan." Daresana said as she moved over to Bulma. " And you will have him, just trust yourself."

" I do, but you know that all missions donít go as planned. Anything could happen." Bulma spoke, uncertainty creeping into her voice.

" Everything will go as planned Bulma." Daresana said, taking the picture Bulma was grasping. "Is this your old lover?" Daresana asked. Bulma nodded lightly.

" He didnít have a chance against the Saiyans." Bulma whispered sadly.

" Neither did any of my family." Daresana said sadly.

" Fate." Bulma whispered.

" Yes fate, fate will guide us." Daresana said placing the photo on Bulmaís nightstand, and walking back over to her own bed. " Now come on you have to get some rest if you want to nail the Saiyan Prince tomorrow."

" Night Daresana." Bulma whispered, turning out the lights.

" Night Bulma." Daresanaís voice echoed in the darkness.

Dawn came early for Bulma, her dreams interrupted by the shrill sound of her alarm clock. Bulma rolled out of bed, her senses seduced by the smell of coffee. She grumbled as she slipped quickly into her robe and moved into the kitchen. Daresana sat silently at the table sipping her coffee.

" Morning." Daresana said, glancing at her friend. " Ready to go catch prince charming?" Bulma smiled as she moved over to the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee.

" Yeah about as ready as Iíll ever be." Bulma yawned.

" So tell me all about what our darling prince." Daresana mocked. " Why is he here?"

" As that big drunken jackass put it, politics." Bulma laughed. " More specifically, groups that would threaten to overthrow their authority."

" You mean us?" Daresana laughed.

" What Iím about to tell you are serious." Bulma said flatly. " They think they have uncovered a large part of our organization, little do they know this is only the tip of the ice burg. We have been taking down a large number of our targets in that region lately. If we can manage to cover our association with the government in that area, we should be safe." Bulma paused. " And I donít know this for sure, but they could have us both on tape when we slipped up in the last mission."

" Damn it!" Daresana cursed " Do they know enough to take us down?" Daresana asked, her voice teeming with worry.

" No... Not yet." Bulma said slowly. " If we donít take him down this time, we are all dead, this time itís all or nothing.

" I see." Daresana said grimly. " Then we are taking him down." Bulma nodded in agreement.

" So tell me Daresana who am I this time?" Bulma giggled.

" You are Bulma Brennigan, Governor Diego Sanchezís niece and Prince Vegetaís personal escort for the duration of his trip." Daresana informed her. " Here is your birth certificate, Identification, and passport."

" Thank you so much." Bulma said taking the numerous papers from her friend. " Well I need to go get dressed." Bulma announced rising from her seat and moving back into the bedroom. Bulma mulled only seconds over her closet before picking out an outfit. Her black leather pants and halter top. Bulma smiled as she stood before herself in the mirror. " Well better get going I have a job to do." She grumbled, grabbing up her bag of clothing and moving out of the bedroom. " Daresana lets go now!" Daresana was at her side moments later.

" Calm down Bulma!" Daresana said, slamming the door to the apartment closed. Bulma simply smiled as she moved to the apartment across the hallway. She banged on the door a few times before someone finally answered. Romania stood before her, by the looks of it, more than ready to go.

" Took you long enough. Letís move people." Bulma snapped. " Get Lukizia and letís go." Romania nodded, not wanting to argue with the dangerous blue haired vixen. Romania and Lukizia had managed to find love among the chaos of the Saiyans landing, and keep it. Lukizia joined the momentís later, blond hair blinding his own vision.

" Nice outfit Bulma." Romania complemented. The four walked quickly to the elevator at the end of the hallway, getting in as soon as it reached their floor.

" Thanks Romania, not looking too bad yourself." Bulma mumbled, referring to Romaniaís red shirt and black pants. " I hope you too got some sleep, although I seriously doubt it." Romania giggled as she glanced at her lover. Bulma rolled her eyes as she opened a small cabinet in the wall of the elevator. In Bulmaís eyes sex was good, love was for the weak. That was a lesson Bulma had to learn the hard way. Bulmaís fingers danced over the keys as she entered the simple four-digit code.

" Main floor." Bulma spoke into the intercom.

" Permission granted." The voice of the computer replied. Bulma smiled, she was very proud of her security system. The code was easy enough for everyone to remember, but the voice activation made it impossible for anyone who wasnít authorized to visit the organization.

" Oh Bulma. Destine said sheís meeting us after sheís done training." Lukizia informed her.

" Good at least we know sheís training." Daresana added playfully. The door to the elevator opened silently.

" Well letís hope this is a day Destine chose to be on time." Bulma laughed, leading the way to the conference room.

" Did someone say my name?" A quiet voice asked as Bulma entered the room. Destine sat in one of the numerous chairs smiling at the four.

" Yes, we where just talking about you." Bulma informed her.

" All good I know." Destine cooed, as Bulma collapsed into a chair.

" Of course." Daresana assured the girl. " Everyone please be seated." The remaining couple sat down promptly.

" Okay Destine, here is your passport, birth certificate and identification. Lukizia and Romania same to you." Daresana said as she passed out the documents.

" Now youíre all boarding your flight in less than fifteen minutes. You should be in Ibiza in six hours. I suggest you use this time wisely, review plans, and get familiar with your target and so on and so forth."

" What exactly will we be doing?" Lukizia asked quickly.

" Ah Lukizia, that is why I favor you so." Daresana laughed. " Always eager to work." Romania shot Daresana a deadly glance at for her flirtatious comment. Bulma squeezed Romaniaís arm, warning her not to get out of line. " You will be Bulmaís so to speak back up. Her earrings are her communication with you three. The speaker is planted in her ear and the microphone is in her left earring and a tiny camera in the right." Daresana explained. " If she gets into trouble, you are her back up. Now do we think we can do our job correctly boys and girls?"

" Donít be such a smart-ass Daresana." Bulma said rolling her eyes. " We will come back with the body of the Prince, if anyone is going to take him down, it will be me."

* * * * *

Chapter 2
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