The stage caller watched in silence with the people as the lights of the stage faded over the actors. He watched with familiar sorrow. The audience watched in shock and disbelief. No story should end that way!

"Good people, that is my story. I forewarned you that this was no fairytale. No real story ends with happily ever after. Especially not mine. I bid you farewell, and good life to you all." He left the stage and wild applause followed soon after. The crowds began to disperse and leave behind the story of Bulma and Vegeta.

The stage caller congratulated the actors for a well done performance. He was about to join his wife for sleep when a young girl and her mother gained his attention. "Excuse me Sir," The girl started, "But I was wondering how you know that story if it was all true?"

The stage caller ruffled her hair, "It came to me in a dream, little one."

"Then how do you know itís a true story?" She tugged his pants.

He smiled in remembrance. "I knew them once, long ago." The girl and her mother were disbelieving and he was not of a mind to argue so he left them to meet actors and he joined his wife.

"The play was well executed, sweet." He kissed her. "They wouldíve been happy. Well, perhaps not Vegeta but then he was never happy."

"Do you think heís happy now, Goku?" Chichi asked him, kissing him gently. "Do you think Bulma looks down every once in a while and sees us?"

"Iím sure of it. Come, lets to bed." Goku smiled beguiling at Chichi and led her to the bed.

"Will you ever tell what happened to us all that time?"

"Perhaps." Goku said thoughtfully. "It would make for an interesting telling. But it wonít ever be included in their play. Itís another story. I will tell it later in life."

The two blew out the candle and darkness reigned.


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