Act 5


Bulma and Vegeta entered the room. Bulma flung her few belongings to the floor and watched as Vegeta did the same. He frowned to himself. "Freeza knows we are here. He will come soon. When he arrives and sees you, the casting will fade and die. You must leave afterwards, find a way to escape. He wonít be able to trace you and you will be free."

Bulma could only nod.

The sound of stamping feet began to reach their ears. Outside soon became a cacophony of sounds, so loud and raucous, Bulma could not pick any one sound. She could figure out however that it was a great many men. Freezaís army was coming, probably Freeza himself.

Vegeta squared his shoulders and strode from the room. "Vegeta! Where are you going!?" Bulma watched him leave, then absurdly beset by anger at his rudeness, she followed him. "Listen to me! Damn you, would you stop!" Vegeta didnít stop, or turn or speak to her. Bulma ran to catch up with him. She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled. "Vegeta, donít go! We could run away! We could run away forever! Why canít you just be happy with me?! Please," she stopped, realising she was on the brink of tears, "Please Vegeta, I donít want you to die."

Vegeta turned and looked her in her eyes. "I cannot run. This is my fate. This is what I must do." He paused, seemingly going to say something more, but changed his mind and strode quickly out of the hostel, leaving Bulma standing there alone.

Vegeta left quickly, not trusting himself to stay longer. He left the hostel and walked into the middle of a circle of Freezaís soldiers. Unbeknownst to him, beyond the soldiers were gathered Saijjins. He stood by himself as the soldiers parted and the object of his hatred stepped into the circle.

"Vegeta, my wayward Prince. I see you have returned." He spoke smoothly. Vegeta felt anger rise inside him. "I was sure you would return to me. You cannot live without my presence near you." He snickered. "I have spent years training you so."

"Freeza, your presence disgusts me. You will pay for your crimes against me, my people and the crown of Vejjitasei." Vegeta settled into his fighting stance. "I am going to kill you."

"I welcome you to try, my prince." Freeza smirked and beckoned him. Vegeta growled and flung himself at the usurper. Quickly, he discovered he was far outmatched when Freeza slowly broke several of his ribs. He struggled in vain to free himself from Freeza as Freeza grasped him by the throat and began the slow process of choking him. Kicking out, he managed to connect with Freezaís stomach making Freeza drop him. "Little prince, I have tolerated you for far too long. I grow weary even of beating you. I have yet to enjoy killing you. I have looked forward to this for far too long." Freeza gestured to a nearby soldier who threw him a sword.

Vegeta lay on the ground struggling to breath as he tried to fight his peopleís oppressor and yet he thought of Bulma. He hoped she would find a way to escape. He could not imagine her dying. As Freeza swung the sword towards his heart, he saw her beautiful face. Then as he expected the killing blow, he heard a bloodcurdling scream and saw a flash of blue hair. He heard the sword strike, he heard a well known voice gasp, he saw the sword slide through the familiar back of Bulma. She stood facing him, lips shaking. They looked down at the same time, in shock seeing the point of the sword jut from Bulmaís chest. Then she fell out of his vision and he saw Freeza hold up the sword, now red. He could not move, as he watched the sword swing again. He ignored it, instead looking to Bulma as she lay on the ground. Unbelievable, he thought as the impact of the sword hit him, I am supposed to kill Freeza. He felt the cold metal cut through his heart and he fell, hearing the cheers of the soldiers and the gasps saijjins he had not known were there.

He lay beside Bulma. He watched her die. It didnít hurt him as he thought it would. She was beautiful, even in death, though her vibrancy and vivacity were gone. He smiled. He would see her soon.

* * * * *

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