Part 4

The Longest Night Ever

Freeza attacked with a force never seen before. Already many were dead. The 4 saiyans there were not having any luck defeating the beast. Nappa attacked the monster head on and was killed in an instant. The other saiyans just looked on with horror. This was not supposed to be this should have been easy. The prince with Bulma flew rapidly toward the settlement then all of a sudden they stopped. Bulma was just about to ask why Vegeta Stop when he kissed her again. At first she given in wanting more, but then she came back down to earth. "Vegeta dear love this is great and all but this is not the time" she said some what out of breath. He looked straight into her eyes so intensely that she thought she would faint if he looked away. The he spoke to her in a low calm voice "Woman I want to, no I need to ask you something." She just looked at him at first then said, "Vegeta can this wait my people areÖ" He cut her off by putting his finger over her mouth. He looked into her eyes once again. "She is so beautiful," he thought. "She must be mine, but she is weak and my father will never approve." With this thought racing through his head he turned away from Bulma and said "your right itís not that important it can wait." Then they continued to fly towards the settlement.

Vegeta landed a few miles away from the fight to make sure Bulma would be safe. He told her to take care of her people and get them and her self as far away and stay there donít come back he will come for her. He then joins the 3 remaining saiyans in the fight. As he got closer to the battlefield he noticed his fatherís guard Nappaís Dead corpse laying on the ground in a pool of his own crimson blood. Raditz and Turles were simply trying to stay alive and Kakarot was no where to be found. Thatís when Freeza notice Vegeta had just entered the battlefield. "Like lamb to be slaughtered so comes another, who are the, I liked to keep track of those whom die by my hand." Freeza said coldly. The prince replied " I am prince Vegeta, prince of Vegetasei, prince of all saiyans, and now protector of this planet." "Is that so, well then welcome my sweet prince welcome to your death. " with that said Freeza forgot about the other 2 saiyans and went straight for the prince.

Kakarot was just getting to the battlefield and was glad in some sort of way that Freeza had stopped his attack on Raditz and Turles. The 2 saiyan were already badly beaten. Raditz was on the ground barely moving and Turles could barely stand. Kakarot was not there for the beginning of the fight; he was helping the human escape from danger. When he got there Nappa was already dead from what he was told by Turles it was a foolish act that got him killed. Now Turles himself and his older brother were badly injured. He looked up to the sky, there he saw his prince going head on with the monster. Try all he might the prince was always one step behind the beast. His prince was getting some good hits in, but Freeza was getting the better of him. "I got to do something, " Kakarot thought. He knew the prince would get mad if he interrupted the fight. "Ahh what should I do?"

Bulma had gotten most of her people away from the danger. Her mind kept wondering back to Vegeta. The way he looked at her, the way he held her. And oh kami the way he kissed her. He filled al her senses. He was her equal in which she had never found before in every way. She saw a flash of light go across the dark black night sky, and fear crept into her heart "What if my love is hurt or worse, no I will not think of that. I need to see, I need to know." With that she started running back toward the settlement back toward the fight. When she got there she could not believe her eyes. There was blood and dead bodyís everywhere. She looked up into the sky and there she spotted he love, the last hope for her world.

Vegeta noticed Bulma as she came closer to the battle area, and fear crept into his heart "What is that blasted woman doing here, what if she gets hurt" he thought with fear written all over his face. Just then he saw Kakarot and screamed to him "Get my woman out of harms way, make sure no harm comes to pass against her." Freeza noted the exchange of words between the 2 saiyans, and saw the way Vegeta looked at the Girl. Just then he thought of the wickedest plan. He shot the most deadly ki blast straight for the girl. Vegeta could only look on with horror, as he could do nothing to save his love.

Kakarot was on his way to do, as his prince wanted. He saw the blast heading for the woman there was no time to block it, not that he believed he could. He saw the look of pain and despair on both the woman and the princeís face. With no time to think of a better way he jumped in front of the woman with any luck he would take the most of the blast with him.

Vegeta heart broke into a million pieces after the dust cleared. There in a pool of blood lay his childhood best friend and his new found love. He could not believe what just happen. No pain had ever endured his whole life could compare to what he was feeling now. He looked over to see Freeza laughing "Oh dear, it looks as if I killed two birds with the same stone. I hope they were not important to you dear prince." Thatís when it happen, Vegeta could not take anymore. He did not care about honor or battle or if he lived or died. His aura around him flashed brightly. Vegeta roared with unknown before rage, and his eyes turned a teal blue. His black mane turned bright gold. "HOW DARE YOU" he screamed "How dare you take what is mine." He then looked down at the bloody mess of Kakarot and Bulma, then back at Freeza. Before the evil one could utter a word the prince on him beating him horrendously. He only stopped to look at what the once powerful creature was reduced to. Then he raised his hands and delivered the final blast, and the eater of planets Freeza was no more.

Vegeta closed his eyes and fell down to earth. His eyes and hair went back to normal. He walked over to where Kakarot and Bulma lay. Kakarot had a hole straight threw his chest. "Weak baka had to much honor," Vegeta thought. He said his final goodbye to his friend. He looked over to see Turles and Raditz barely but still alive. Then he looked down to Bulma. She still looked beautiful as ever even in death. This night had to be the longest ever lived. He found love and yet lost it. He had won a great battle but paid the ultimate price for it, loosing both friends and love. He closed his eyes wishing these feelings that he had would just go away. "Stupid woman, why did you not heed my warning and stay away" called out at barely a whisper. "Because Iím just as stubborn as you," a weak female voice cried out. Vegeta slowly opened his eyes to see a pair of blue one staring at him. "Vegeta I hurt all over and it your fault you know." The prince just laughed and held her tight to him.


All done. :-) I know not even close to the best ending in the world, but hay I entered this contest last minute and itís 2:30 in the morning and I have a 10:00 class tomorrow

So until next time



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