Part 3

Eyes Of A Fallen Angel

Bulma stormed down the halls of the settlement angry, as ever she could not believe her own father had treated her like that. All behind some spoiled prince who had insulted her first. The never. She quickly made her way to her lab to think and work on more important things.

The prince could not keep his mind on what the weak human ruler was saying about battle strategize or something. His mind kept wondering back to that beautiful goddess, whom was just in his presence. Her eyes, yes that was it, it was her eyes that were driving him crazy. She had the eyes of an angel that must have fallen from the heavens down to earth. Such deep hues of blue. A man would drown in those eyes if he were not too careful. " She is not to be had, she would only make a warrior weak " he told himself as if trying to convince himself that he did not want the weak human woman. He sighed "Here on earth not even 3 hours and already a complication."

Visions Of the Battle Ahead

" My Prince ". No answer, " Prince Vegeta" Still no answer " PRINCE VEGETA " Nappa screamed at the top of his lungs. " What is it you idiot" the now very angry prince answered back. " My prince are you tired from this long journey, you look as if something has you bothered surely you don't worry about the battle that has yet to come?" Nappa asked with a hint of concern in his voice. " Oh please Nappa, nothing about this battle bothers me, I have had visions of the battle that lies ahead, and of course I will be victorious " the prince replied in a venomous tone. " I just hunger for battle and to get off this pathetic planet as soon as possible." With that said the saiyans deiced to go prepare for the battle that would begin that night.

There was a gathering; a great feast was prepared for the warriors of tonight's battle. Everyone was there to see there newly come saviors form the skies. There was a large lavish banquet table filled to the brim with tasty dishes and sweet smells. The human ruler Dr. Briefs sat in the center of the table with his wife on his left his daughter on his right where she normally sat. That was until the saiyans entered the room, and their prince demanded the seat on the right of the king to go over some more battle plans. At first Bulma was outraged, but then she deiced for the good of her people that she would take her fathers advise and let the prince have his way. Even though she really believed that the prince was only doing this to simply piss her off.

The prince was truly upset when he was told he had to attend this stupid human party. The only reason he agreed to it was for the food. Kakarot and the others were complaining about being hungry, and a band of saiyans can get down right ugly when they're hungry. So he thought he would humor the human ruler by gracing them with his appearances. Unlike the other saiyans whom went straight for the food, the prince deiced he would have some fun. He would see how long it would take to get that loud mouth woman mad. So he walked up to the table with a superior look and smirk to his face, and then demanded the seat next to her father in which she was seated. The look on her face was priceless. He thought she would simply start to scream at the top of her lungs, and when she didn't he was well, disappointed to say the least. It was at that point that the prince deiced that if he had to suffer through this banquet that someone would have to suffer too, and that the loud mouth princess of earth was the perfect candidate.

The banquet seem to last to damn long for Bulma taste. She had to sit through endless stories of valor, and if that was not enough the stupid monkey prince insulted her every chance he could. She had just about had it when he implied that she was ugly. That was it, damn her father damn her people, she was not going to take his shit anymore. She stood up and glared at the prince. " I'm the most beautiful thing that you will ever have the honor to lay your eyes on. You should be thanking me for allowing you to be in my presence" she said with as much hate in her voice as she could muster. The prince simply stared at her with disbelief. "That should take care of him," Bulma smugly thought. Then the prince raised one eyebrow and very coldly stated for all to hear "There is no honor in looking at you, in fact I am surprised that I could stand being around you this long" then he gave her the cruelest grin he could. Bulma could not believe it. This monkey was getting the best of her. She slammed her fist unto the table. By this time everyone was staring at the pair, even the saiyans stopped eating to stare at what was unfolding before their eyes. Just then Bulma snapped and did not care about who she was dealing with. Not think for a second of how many people have died at this man's hands. She was going to make him pay for all his insults. She picked up a pitcher of water and threw it right into the face of the saiyan prince.

Vegeta was not expecting this move from the woman. He expected her to scream or run away, not stand up to him. He was caught off guard when she threw the water at him, so he did not move out of the way. Now he was pissed how could this inferior earth woman dare to insult the prince of the saiyans this way, and to make matter worse now she was laughing at him. Vegeta growled with contemn, then shot up to his feet, and glared at the weak earth woman. "How dare you woman?" he shouted. He saw the fears creep into her eyes and it made him smirk. He liked knowing that she feared him a little, it gave him more control. " Woman you need to be taught a lesson" and with that said he simply tossed Bulma over his shoulder and took her out of the banquet hall kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs.

The humans and the 4 remaining saiyans in the room watched as the prince of Vegetasei carried the princess of Earth over his shoulder kicking and screaming for all to see. Dr. Briefs for the third time this day said " OH DEAR." He could not believe what had just happen. Just then his wife leaned over to him and said as delighted as possible "isn't it wonderful two young people in love." Dr. Briefs just looked at his wife with disbelief.

The 4 saiyan just sat there wondering what the hell just went through their prince's mind. Nappa was getting up to see what in the world was going on, when Turles told him to sit back down. The prince is probably just having some fun with the woman. Turles remembered how the prince had looked at the girl earlier. "Nappa " Turles called "when he has had his fill of her he will be back let's just sit and eat" Turles said with a hint of sarcasm. Nappa really did not want to leave the prince alone, but he knew if he did envied on the prince when he was with a woman, he would pay for his mistake with his life, and that was something he did not plan on letting happen. So he did ad he was told and sat back down. All was soon forgotten when he began to eat again.

Lions, Tigers, and Sex Crazed Monkeys

Bulma screamed as the saiyan prince flew father and father away from the settlement. She watched with horror as the trees below her moved away faster and faster. "He's going to take me in the middle of nowhere and kill me" she thought with fear. Then all of a sudden he stops and they stared to descend back down to earth. " You can stop your wailing now woman" the prince screamed as he dropped her to the ground. She quickly got up and started to back away from the prince. "How dare you" she screamed "You will die a thousand deaths if you lay any harm to me." "Woman there is no sport in harming something so weak that they can not fight back. I do have honor woman." Vegeta growled back at her. "THEN WHY DO YOU DISHONOR ME SO? " she yelled back at him! "Me dishonor you, woman you are the one, you have shown me nothing but disrespect when I have come across the heavens to save this worthless planet of yours. You should be on your knees begging me for my forgiveness for your disrespectful mouth." Vegeta calmly stated. "Me beg you, I beg no man, nor monkey, nor damn prince. We did not ask for your help nor do I want it " Bulma screamed at the top of her lungs. Vegeta just glared at her, then he smirked "Fine woman if that's what you want", and with this he started to fly away. "Vegeta wait" she screamed " You can't simply leave me here, where is the honor in that?" He started to fly back towards her then stopped a couple of feet above her. Then stated in his most cruel voice " You said so your self, you don't need, nor want for my help", and with that he flew away. Leaving her alone in the middle of nowhere.At first she just stood there looking at the spot he was just in. "I can't believe this, I can't believe he just left me" she thought to her self. That's when it hit her she was in kami knows where surrounded by kami knows what, and she was all alone. She did not even know which direction to walk towards, because she was hanging upside down over Vegeta's shoulder. That when she heard a noise from the trees behind her, and an alarm went off in her head. "It could be a lion or a tiger, or some other deadly animal just waiting to eat her!" With that she took off running in no particular direction.

Vegeta had been watching her the whole time. He only flew off some ways behind her. He lightly laughed as he watched her face fill with anger then fear as he flew off. He had thrown a rock at the trees behind her to see what she would do. As he predicted she took off running. He deiced to follow her to make sure nothing happens to the loud mouth woman. Not that he cared or anything, but the humans might blame him if she got eaten by some beast or something, and he need the humans to give technology to the saiyan, because it was important to his rule of his future empire. So for the good of his people he had better keep this woman safe. That's when he notices that the direction she was running in had a huge cliff, and that he doubts she could live through the fall. He sighed as he realized he would have to save her.

"Got to keep running" is what Bulma told her self. What ever that was moving in those trees would surly get her if she did not keep moving. She did not even notice the cliff until it was to late. She just felt her self-falling and closed her eyes and screamed. Then she just stopped falling. "Woman is that all you know how to do is scream?" a low voice asked. Bulma slowly opened her eyes to see the saiyan prince smirking at her. "You " she shouted " You left me alone to die " she screamed hitting him as hard as she could. "Woman if you want I can let you die now by dropping you" Vegeta sarcastically said. That's when Bulma notice they were still over the cliff. She flung her arms around Vegeta and buried her face in his chest. "Don't worry woman, I'm not about to let you go" Vegeta softly said. Bulma slowly raised her head up to look eye to eye with the prince. That moment seemed to last forever, they just looked into each other's eyes neither wanting to look away. The Vegeta could not stand it any more he had to taste her so he leaned forward and kissed her. She gasped at first but then relaxed and kissed him back. What a kiss it was Bulma could swear she saw fireworks. Then finally the kiss ended and she saw fireworks again. That when she realized the where not coming from the kiss but from the settlement Freeza must be attacking it.

* * * * *

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