A Lost Love
By: TrunxBabe


Like any other great hero of war, Vegeta had been through many trials and tribulations, but at last, he was finished, no more battles against Freeza, no more beating up Kakarott, he could finally settle down with the one thing he loved, other than his pride, his country. Vegeta had managed to become a king, but no, not of Vegitasei, but of Thessaly, a country that no-one, in their right mind, had ever heard of, so basically he wasn’t really a king, he just liked to think he was. One day, Bulma, the daughter of King Aeolus, came a strollin into town. Her brother Jason had been on a quest and she wanted to join him in hopes to find a husband, but she found Vegeta.

As she walking along the grounds of his castle, she noticed something moving in the orchard and went to investigate what this entity was. As she neared him, she realized that it wasn’t a thing, it was a human! Well, it was a young man, and a pretty darn cute one at that. No one noticed that Cupid was looming above them, awaiting for the right moment. Bulma walked towards Vegeta and reached out to touch him, but before she could, Cupid’s arrow of love had shot through her and she fell madly in love with him. Of course, he was none the wiser, and over the course of the next few weeks, he was always wondering why this woman was following him around everywhere he went. His only refuge was the orchard, where she did actually find a tree to hide behind and watched him train.

One sunny afternoon, she conjured up the urge to speak to him. "King Vegeta," she whispered softly. He whipped around "WHAT?" he yelled, but Cupid was sitting above them yet again and this time it was Vegeta who was hit. He fell for Bulma harder than a sack o taters fallin from a 10,000 foot drop. They spent the remainder few weeks running around the castle, trying to find secret spots to meet, they had fallen in love and the King was actually happy. The day neared that which Bulma must return to her home land, but before her brother could come and get her, Vegeta asked for her hand in marriage, Bulma, as never being happier in her entire life, said yes, of course. They were wed four days later, Apollo at the lyre, Venus being the maid of honor and of course Cupid, presiding over the two. Vegeta, since his brain doesn’t work very well, thought the Gods and Goddess’s were there because he was a god also, and thought he was immortal.

Vegeta and Bulma were very much in love and were expecting their first child, when all of a sudden. "I am sailing the ocean." He stated one day. Bulma broke down in sobs, "I grew up on the sea, you cannot go out there, men, washed up on the shore, they have died, died! If you make this journey I shall go with you." She said looking at the ground. "If you die, I die." She whispered. He grabbed her by the shoulders "NOW LISTEN HERE!" he roared, "I WILL FACE THE OCEAN ALONE, YOU WILL STAY HERE AND YOU WILL NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT LEAVE THIS ISLAND!" She ran off crying.

The dreadful day came when Vegeta was to sail the ocean blue. Before dawn, he arose, ate breakfast and left, but not before she had something to say. "VEGETA!" she yelled through tears. "If...you…even…dare…go…I...shall...kill…myself." she said, out of breath. She waded into the water and proceeded to, what looked like, kill her self. Vegeta grabbed her by the arms and pulled her out of the water. He kissed her with all the force and love he could find and left her. Every day, Bulma sat on the beach awaiting Vegeta’s return. Bulma was starting to get worried and prayed to Juno to help her husband and Juno sent her messenger Iris to wake the God of Sleep to send Bulma a dream about Vegeta. Iris had a hard time waking the God of Sleep up, but she managed and he sent his son to tell her the dream.

Morpheus, being able to assume any human form, assumed Vegeta’s and came to Bulma in her sleep. "It is I Bulma, I am dead, do not worry I’ll be taken care of. Take care of our son." He said, before vanishing. The next day, when Bulma woke up, she decided that she would drown herself. She waded into the water once again and saw a dead body floating. She swam towards it and realized it was Vegeta. This was too much for her and she plunged herself into the water. But instead of drowning as she had wished, she had grown wings and was a bird, so was Vegeta, the Gods were kind to her. It is said that there are seven days out of a year that the sea lies perfectly still and Bulma hatches her eggs, but when they pop out, the charm is broken and it returns to normal, not pitying the other souls lost in the depths of Poseidon.



~Hi! Yes, I know, it sucks and it is really short, but the story of Ceyx and Alcyone is me second favorite, my first favorite is Cupid and Psyche, but someone already did that! I’m not really good at B/V stories; I am better at Trunks and Pan ones. I really hope ya’ll like it, since I am not that fond of it. OH YEAH! I almost forgot about their unborn son, he became a bird too and the cute little bird you see only during the summer, well that’s him, that is Trunks, Bulma and Vegeta’s first child and only son. You can only imagine how many girls there are that Vegeta is forced to live with everyday, until they get married.~

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