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Against the Rules
By: Kitty

"Come here, sweetie. Try this one on for mommy." A small child of three and a half years of age walked over to her mother and frowned as the taller woman forced her delicate head through a tiny little (not to mention itchy) hole. "Stop struggling, Bra. It wonít take but a second. There. Donít you look pretty."

The little girl frowned looking almost like the spitting image of her father but she had her motherís coloring exactly. She looked down at the dress her mommy just put on her and let out a tiny smile. I guess it was worth it having her ears pinched as long as she looked good for her daddy. Bra looked up to see her mommy putting on her own dress. It was red while hers was pink. But that was okay. Pink was one of her favorite colors and she thought it was one of daddyís favorite colors too.

"I hope Trunks is ready. What am I saying? I hope Vegeta is ready. I know he hates these corporate parties but theyíre necessary. Especially since this one is for Trunks becoming the new president of Capsule Corps," she went on. Bra watched her mommy talk to herself in the mirror. Or maybe she was talking to her but she didnít know enough words yet to understand what she was saying. So instead she just nodded her little head like she saw daddy do when he was pretending to listen to mommy.

Bulma spun around once with a wide grin. "What do you think, Bra? You think your dad will like it?" The girl blinked then slowly nodded. She didnít understand why her mommy was asking her. Daddy liked everything about mommy. Even when she would yell at him heíd have a tiny hint of a smile on his face.

Bulma looked at her watch. "Time for the party. Letís go get the boys," she announced and put out her hand for her daughter to grab. They walked at a not too rapid pace since her short legs could only propel her so far, but soon enough they made it to Trunksí room. Bulma let her daughter go in first to tell them it was time to go.

"Twunks ready?" she asked looking up at her purple-haired brother. Why did people have to be so tall? It hurt her neck. "In a bit, Bra," he replied pulling at something wrapped around his neck. It looked like he was trying to choke himself. Suddenly her daddy came out of the bathroom.

"Daddy!" she called out happily wrapping her little arms around one of his massive legs. He looked down at her with that frown of his and she giggled. Daddy was always frowning at someone but she knew he didnít mean it. At least not at her. "Pwetty, see?" She turned around so that her daddy could see how she looked and he smiled.

"Dad? Help," said his son. Vegeta grinned as he saw the mess around his boyís neck. He was almost full-grown and yet he still did not know how to work a tie. Well, he admitted silently, he didnít know how to either until Bulma had shown him that first time when sheíd forced him to come to these ridiculous corporate parties. It was just a bunch of nonsense to him but if it kept her from bugging his ear then he supposed he could stand around for a couple of hours being utterly bored out of his mind.

After he finished fixing Trunksí necktie he picked his daughter up who squealed at being so high off the ground. "Airpwane?" she asked hopefully. It was one of her favorite games. "Later." She frowned and tried to give him her best sad-eyes. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnít. This was one of the times it didnít.

"Whatís taking so long in there?" a shrill voice called out. "Woman, have a little patience. Iíve had to wait for you for hours on end to just put on a simple dress." Bra giggled in his arms. She found their arguments to be very funny. Trunks merely rolled his eyes and made faces at Bra which only made her laugh harder.

Bulma hated to admit it but she knew he was right. Sheíd made him wait for her sometimes for two hours while she picked out the perfect dress and here she was having waited only two minutes getting impatient. She could hear from the noises downstairs that the party was starting to get underway and it was at that moment when her head was turned away from the door that her husband decided to walk out.

"What is that hideous red thing you have on? Why donít you just walk into that party naked?" he growled showing his disapproval that she was showing too much skin for other people to see.

"You look nice too, Vegeta," she said not looking at him. Why couldnít he for once just say that she looked good outright? But no, he has to be the King of Insults all the time.

"You look good, mom."

She beamed and landed a sweet kiss on her first-bornís cheek. "Thank you, Trunks. At least somebody thinks so." Then she finally had time to get a good, full look at Vegeta. By Dende, he did look good.

"Stop your drooling and letís get this over with," he barked snapping her out of her not-so-innocent daydream. She let out an almost animalistic growl and marched past him stomping her foot like a spoiled child. Bra looked up at her father and noticed his eyes dancing back and forth.

"What see, daddy?" He looked down at her in surprise. She was one observant little tyke. Like father, like daughter. "I was looking at your motherís ugly dress."

"Oh," she said confused. She knew what her daddy meant but she didnít understand why he always liked to play opposites. Especially with mommy. "Letís get this over with," he muttered under his breath and the trio made their way downstairs to the party.

Four hours later the party was beginning to wind down. Bra had already fallen asleep on the couch and Bulmaís mother took the care to carry her up to her bedroom. Trunks was still mingling with the guests along with Goten. A lot of the guests had left except for a few employees and close friends. Bulma had no clue where Vegeta could be. He had left about two hours into the party muttering something about baka humans and alcohol. She had to admit drunk people were not necessarily the best company to have around. Although, she herself was a little bit tipsy from the wine.

"Hey, Bulma," a voice said from behind. She turned around. "Yamcha?! How are you? Itís been a while since Iíve seen you. I didnít even know you were here. What, were you hiding from me?"

He leaned against the wall for support. He was a little more than tipsy. "Yeah, sorta. Didnít want all mighty Prince of the Saiyans to beat me up for hitting on his woman." She laughed almost like a crazy woman. A little too much wine.

Yamcha frowned. "Not funny, Bulma. Last time I remember I had just looked over at you and he punched me in the face. Geez, what a temper." She laughed even harder. Soon he joined in because he was basically plastered. In their drunken state they began to discuss their lives and somehow the topic ended up on their former relationship.

"I did love you," he said but it sounded more like Bra speaking with his words slurring together. "You wuv me?" she teased and playfully slapped him.

"No, I do love you and Iím going to prove it," he said suddenly very serious. Bulma was still laughing and didnít catch his change of tone. Unexpectedly she felt herself being picked up and carried off into the cold night air. It took her a minute or two but it finally dawned on her what was going on. "Yamcha! Put me down! Take me back! What are you doing?!" She struggled in his grasp. He was very drunk and so didnít have a firm grip on her. Bulma felt herself slipping then falling. She thought about screaming but she didnít know why. It was almost like floating and she flapped her arms like a bird. She was more drunk than she had realized but at least she didnít feel any pain when the ground came up harshly crushing her fragile body giving her an untimely death.

Vegeta had been sitting outside on his tree looking at the moon which had been restored with the Dragonballs when he felt a sudden pain in his chest. But before he could even analyze this feeling it vanished and his body was back to normal. Something was wrong. He decided to check on his family. Bra was asleep in her room. Trunks was passed out on the floor with Goten. They were allowed to have a little wine but even that was too much to handle for the two youths.

"Bulma!" he suddenly cried out. Where was she? She was nowhere to be found on Capsule Corps property. He asked (or rather demanded) the other people if they had seen his wife. A man? With a scar on his face? "Yamcha," he growled viciously. He quickly locked on to that weak humanís ki and flew off. The human was passed out on the ground but the woman was not with him. Roughly he grabbed his collar and shook him awake.

"Where is my mate?!" he shouted. Yamcha had just opened his eyes by a crack still dazed and confused. "Bulma? Bulma went flying in the air like a birdy," he slurred. What the hell did that mean? She couldnít fly. Then suddenly two things click together. He mustíve dropped her. Stupid, drunken fool. Humans and their damn alcohol. "Iíll be back for you later," he said softly but with a dangerous undertone.

She couldnít be too far. He began to search for her ki which was incredibly small but he knew she must be somewhere between Yamcha and Capsule Corps. About half an hour later he found her and almost vomited at the sight. "Bulma," he choked, his emotions getting the better of him, but who cared. There was no one around for miles. And one by one he let the tears fall down his ashen face and onto his beloved.

Her funeral was small with only her closest friends gathered for the occasion. Except for Yamcha. He had enough sense to stay away knowing at any minute Vegeta would come for him and end his life. But he didnít care. He knew he deserved it even though he was drunk and it was an accident. Heíd rather be dead than live with the knowledge he had killed one of his close friends.

Yamchaís suffering though was nothing compared to the pain Vegeta was going through although no one could tell by just looking at him. He was still his stolid self, cold and impenetrable. But inside he was broken.

Trunks took up his new role as President of Capsule Corps with a somber face. No one in the office dared to smile and they didnít want to. Bulmaís death had affected them too. Bra was in the constant care of her grandparents who were trying to console her but having no luck. But while Trunks and Bra had Bulmaís parents and friends to look after them Vegeta was left alone. No one wanted to try and approach the brooding prince not that he wouldíve accepted their help anyways. Except Goku. He was the only one with any hope of reaching through that cold barrier. But he too had no luck. The Prince had retreated inside himself and refused to speak to anyone including his own children.

And a week after the funeral he had vanished. Not even Goku could locate his ki, but everyone knew he was still on Earth since none of the space pods were taken. Little Bra began to cry for both her parents now and the others were helpless to comfort her.

"Dad, where are you?" Trunks wondered sadly looking out of his office window.

Vegeta was slumped over a tree with blood running down both his arms. He had been brutally hitting himself against it with his ki down to its minimum for the last hour. This wasnít training. He merely wanted to feel some real physical pain hoping to drown out the emotional one welling up inside him. It was almost effective. Almost.

"Damn humans. Damn Yamcha. Iíll get you for this," he muttered before passing out from his own torture.

He had to get her back somehow. He thought of the Dragonballs but didnít think they would work in this situation. Perhaps he could ask Dende to help. Ask? He was the Prince of all the Saiyans. He didnít ask. No, somehow he would get her back on his own. He didnít need anybodyís help. He would go to the Other World and bring her back. An evil grin graced his face as he imagined the gatekeepers trying to stop him.

Like a bolt of lightning he shot off with his ingenious plan in mind. Go to Other World. Get Bulma. Come back to Earth. It was rather a simple plan but effective enough in his mind. He was a Super Saiyan now. At level two even. No one could stop him now.

After what seemed to be days of flying he found Snake Way and began to make his way to the gate. During the few days heíd been traveling his speed had increased ten-fold due to his intense concentration on his target: his mate. That big red ogre was sitting at his desk as usual. He had met him before during the fight with Buu when he had self-destructed to try to save the world. King Yemma had let him go back to Earth after his death to help Goku and Buu was finally defeated. Vegeta figured he was owed a favor for helping this pathetic planet and its pathetically weak inhabitants.

King Yemma was working through a big stack of admission papers when Vegeta came roaring in. "Vegeta? I didnít expect you back so soon. Have you been a good boy?" he said with a wink. The Saiyan Prince looked furious. "Shut up, fool. I havenít died. Iím here to reclaim my mate."

He was confused as he shuffled through a couple of papers. "Oh, you mean Bulma. Such a tragic death. Youíll be happy to know she has been admitted into Heaven."

Vegeta walked forward and shoved all the paper off his desk. "I know that," he said grabbing the red ogreís shirt. "Iím here to take her back."

"What?" King Yemma was flustered. "You canít do that. Itís against the rules. See. Itís right here under paragraph 132 section 3b." Vegeta pulled him up closer until his eyes were only inches from his.

"Do I look like I care?" he said his ki flaring out around him. King Yemma gulped. "Hehe. I suppose we could make an exception since you did help save the world. Let me go check with the boss."

"You do that," he said letting go. The big ogre moved swiftly and within minutes he was back with an answer. "Well?"

King Yemma laughed nervously. "Good news, Vegeta. Youíll be allowed to take Bulma back as long as you follow this one condition."

Vegeta didnít wait for him to finish and immediately demanded to see her. "But the conditionÖ," King Yemma protested. Vegeta growled. "Fine. Whatever. Now where is she?!" He gestured over at the gate which magically opened. The light that flowed out of it blinded the Prince for a minute until it dimmed down revealing his blue-haired mate.

"Took you long enough, woman," he insulted but there was no harshness in his tone. He had to choke back to tears that threatened to come. No, he had to control himself. He was the Prince of all the Saiyans not some weak earthling.

"Now, Vegeta," King Yemma continued, "youíll be able to take her back to Earth with you on one condition that you donít turn around to look at her until you reach the surface. Do you understand?" Vegeta waved him away. "Yeah, whatever." He couldnít think straight with his love standing so angelically before him. He stood there staring at her for a few minutes until the ogre discreetly coughed reminding him that he should be on his way.

So Vegeta turned around slowly and began to walk down back to Earth. Bulmaís soul which had been waiting patiently followed him not saying a word because she had no substance yet. He tried to focus on his destination and not look back. It seemed simple enough when he had heard it. Almost ridiculous really. What kind of condition was that? If it was that easy to bring oneís mate back from the dead then he should have no more worries in the future for her safety.

His head did a half-turn before he caught himself and faced forward once again. As they were making their way down Snake Way doubt began to seep into his mind. He couldnít tell if she was behind him still or not since she had no ki in her spirit form. What if he had lost her somewhere? What if that big ugly ogre was playing a cruel trick on him and she wasnít even behind her? But he couldnít risk looking back because that would ruin his purpose for coming here in the first place.

This is so frustrating, he thought now seeing the effectiveness of that one condition. They were only halfway down. He had to make it. Who needs to look at that ugly woman, he tried to dismiss her. She better be following me if she knows whatís good for her, he tried to threaten her. Please be behind me, he finally pleaded to her in his mind.

The woman hadnít uttered a word since their journey and this made him even more worried. Why hadnít she said anything? That woman had the loudest mouth next to Kakarotís mate. What ifÖno donít turn around. Donít think about it. Just face forward and walk. Every step was agonizing as the little seeds of doubt began to grow. He began to reminisce about the first time heíd seen her on Namek. He hadnít wanted to admit it then but he knew from the first moment he saw her that she was trouble. Not only was she beautiful she had a sharp mind and sharp enough tongue to match even his. He knew now he couldnít have asked for a better partner. As he came closer to the end of the path he remembered how soft her hair was and how he liked to run his hand through it. He also remembered all the times he would walk behind her just so he could stare at her cute rear shake back and forth as she sauntered. And her eyesÖthose beautiful sea-blue eyes. He loved to stare into them. They seem to envelop him like a warm blanket and made him feel safe. And loved. After Buu he had slowly come to the realization that he loved her and she, even with all his faults and evil deeds, loved him back. Unconditionally.

His head did another half-turn but this time he was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didnít catch himself in time. His jaw dropped as he took in her appearance. She had on only a white silk garment. Very simple but elegant. And her body was bathed in a white, ethereal glow which served to enhance her natural beauty. No one should be allowed to look so gorgeous, so perfect. But soon his happiness at seeing her turn to dread as he realized his mistake. He rushed at her planning on just grabbing her and making a run for it but ran into an invisible barrier. He powered up and tried to blast through. Nothing. He went to Super Saiyan level two and attacked. Still nothing.

At the same time the spirit of Bulma had been floating forward just to the barrier but not beyond since it prevented her also from going through. She smiled a sad but forgiving smile and placed a hand on the barrier that separated her from her husband. Vegeta could only watch in horror as she forgave him with her smile. Although she longed to be with him also she knew it was not to be. She was not mad at him for turning around and breaking the one condition that wouldíve brought her back to life, back to her family. It only showed how much he longed for her and how much he loved her. The look he had given her when he saw her said it all and she wouldnít trade that moment for anything. With a look of utter defeat he powered down and rested his head on the impenetrable glass barrier. He laid his hand in front of hers as if trying to touch her, to have some kind of contact with her. She understood and she forgave him, that much he knew from the look she was giving him. Her image started to fade away and let out a pained squeal. As she disappeared from his sight she mouthed the words ĎI love youí and was gone. He slid down to the floor and began to weep again like a weak child at having lost his love for the second time.


He woke up with beads of sweat pouring down his face. A quick look around told him he was back at Capsule Corps and his body was bandaged up. It was just a dream. But it had felt so real. It couldnít have been just a dream. He lifted his hand and touched his face. Wet. It was wet with his tears. He pulled his legs up and covered his face with his arms. She was gone for good. He couldnít believe it. He never had the chance toÖnever told herÖ

"Daddy?" a small voice interrupted his thoughts. Without lifting his head he mumbled, "What is it?"

With a trembling voice she asked, "You okay?" He nodded hoping she would go away now. He didnít want anyone to see him in this state. Then suddenly he heard a sob. Damn.

He looked up to see his daughter try to hold back the tears that were threatening to come. So much like her mother. It was almost painful to look at her. She had her hair. And her eyes. Those eyes that pulled him to her and made him want to fulfill all her wishes.

"Go back to bed," he ordered but in a soft, gentle tone. She sniffed and shook her head. "Bad dweams." He sighed and reluctantly reached out an arm. With a relieved smile she jumped into his welcoming arms and snuggled up close. He wrapped his arms around her and laid back in bed. She quickly fell asleep knowing she was safe in her fatherís embrace. He sighed again as he stared at his child but soon his lids began to droop and he too fell asleep. But before he completely drifted off he kissed the top of her little blue head and an image of the woman she resembled floated into his mind. ĎBulma,í he thought. ĎI love you, my angel.í

The End

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