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Please note that many of the following questions contain personal opinions and may not be completely accurate. I noticed that these questions regarding Bulma and Vegeta come up a lot and thought I'd try my hand at answering them.

Just how did Bulma and Vegeta get together?

Ah, one of the great mysteries of the universe, this topic has been explored by hundreds of fanfiction writers everywhere. The coming together of Bulma and Vegeta is never actually shown in the Anime or Manga; it is left up to the viewer's imagination. All that is known is that sometime in the three years before the androids attack, they get together long enough to conceive Trunks. Mirai Trunks tells Goku that Bulma and Yaumcha broke up and out of passion and loneliness Bulma and Vegeta got together.

Did Yaumcha ever cheat on Bulma?

This is one of the most disputed topics in B/V fandom, and usually, once you've picked a side, it's very hard to change your opinion. There are people who say he did and others who say he didn't, and I doubt that there will be a resolution anytime soon.

However, I want to first make it known that the bad rap that Yaumcha receives in a lot of fanfiction is undeserving (and I'm talking B/V get togethers - not A/U's - in A/U's you can do whatever you want ;p). Yaumcha is NOT a rapist, woman beater or drunk. Neither is Bulma a meek little angel who would sit back and take that kind of crap.

In the beginning of DBZ, Bulma talks about Yaumcha and another woman when she and Krillin go and pick him up from his baseball game. Before the androids arrive, we see Yaumcha ogling girls in an aerobics class - but that's all he seems to be doing, ogling! When Mirai Trunks comes, he tells Goku that Yaumcha had been unfaithful. Now, this is where the controversy comes in. Some people say that the Japanese word used was 'fickle' and others say it was 'unfaithful.' I have heard people insist it was 'fickle' while others 'confirmed' it was 'unfaithful.' So go ahead and take your pick. There are other controversies and everyone has their own theories of what happened, and since one side is not going to sway the other side any time soon, I'll just leave it at that.

Is there really a bond? Where did it come from?

The bond has become a staple in B/V fanfiction and many believe that it was in fact, invented in fanfiction - but that is only part true. In 1995, a writer going by the pen name 'Katchan,' started her ambitious 50 chapter 'Saiyajin,' it was her "Dragonball withdrawal whim." I believe she was the first to give the bond its name, and it further inspired Nora Jemison's 'The Third Bond.'

Now, were Bulma and Vegeta ever truly bonded in the Anime? Though it was never clearly stated as a bond, Bulma and Vegeta had a deep connection that was the basis for this. When Vegeta sacrificed himself to Buu, Bulma immediately sensed something was wrong, even though she wasn't near him. Fanfiction has further romanticized this by including telepathy or the sharing of memories etc. as part of the bonding process. While that is just an interpretation of what my have happened, it's more based on fact than fanfiction (hurray ^_^).

Ok, so what about this biting thing that usually comes with a bond?

Along with the bonding, a bite on the neck is usually involved with Bulma and Vegeta romances. Unlike bonding, the bitemark has no concrete basis on the anime. I believe biting was first used in either 'Saiyajin' or 'The Third Bond' or perhaps both. I believe one rumour was that the reason Bulma wore those scarves in the Buu Saga was to cover up her Saiyan hickey ;p! Over the years though, the bitemark has come to symbollize a number of things like ownership, marriage etc. and I'm sure that B-Chan's 'Lemon Chapters' had a hand in that.

Thanks to Lisalu for pointing out that biting is an animalistic thing that big cats do to mark their mates. The nose and chin bite/kiss is also something cats do and also was used in the earlier works mentioned above.

Do Bulma and Vegeta love each other?

Oh absolutely, otherwise there would be no point to my page ;p. However, their love didn't just happen automatically, it grew over time. When they first came together and had Trunks I'm sure there were some feelings from both parties involved and maybe the beginnings of love, but not complete and unconditional love. Well, maybe there was love on Bulma's part since I do believe Mirai Bulma loved Mirai Vegeta, but I don't think Vegeta knew what love was and therefore couldn't embrace it. Lust was a major part of it, I'm sure, but I think there was a little bit more as well. Sure, Vegeta stated that Bulma was beautiful, but he also acknowledged she had courage (something cut out of the stupid dub), and he let her talk back at him and try and order him around without blowing her away.

After the Cell games, Vegeta settled back in with Bulma and lived with her and Trunks in peace for seven years until the Buu saga. Ahh, the wonderful Buu Saga where we see how much Vegeta's character has grown since we first met him in the beginning of DBZ. Just before Vegeta sacrifices his life to try and destroy Buu, he hugs Trunks and tells him to take care of his mother. Then, just before he blows himself up, he says goodbye to "Bulma, Trunks and you too Kakarrotto." Such a beautiful scene and Bulma senses something is wrong (see bond above ^_^), and when she learns that Vegeta is dead she is heartbroken and cries. We see Vegeta's jealous side later when Goku tries to bribe Dai-Kaio-Shin into letting them use the Namek Dragonballs, promising he could get naked pictures of a woman who's "old but still tight" (according to my sub ;p) - which meant Bulma. Vegeta was of course not pleased and the reaction is very hilarious. Anyways, when Bulma hears Vegeta's voice talking down to earth and realizes he's alive, she yells out "Vegeta I love you" so feelings on her part are obvious. As for Vegeta, well the translated title of the episode of his sacrifice is "For the Sake of My Loved ones . . . Vejita Falls!!!" I think that answers the question ^_^!

When did Vegeta leave Bulma to become a Super Saiyan?

Hmmm, ok, this answer will be pure speculation so you can agree with me or not. When Bulma met the Z-fighters the day the Androids were supposed to attack, she didn't know where Vegeta was, but knew he would be there. It's possible she hadn't seen him since he went to space but it's not certain. Vegeta knew his son's name was Trunks when he finally joined the others, so once again, it is possible he didn't leave Bulma until after Trunks was born (in fact that could be the reason he went to train in space - though it's not certain). Keep in mind that Trunks was nearing the age of 1 when the Androids attacked, so if Vegeta returned from space before Trunks' birth and was already a Super Saiyan, how many believe that Vegeta would NOT train as a Super Saiyan for several months? I ask this because the other fighters (at least Goku) would have sensed he had become a Super Saiyan, and wouldn't have been surprised when he turned into one when he comes to help with the Androids. Vegeta is not the type to suppress his lifetime goal for numerous months no matter what the reason. He would be out there gloating and probably challenging Goku to a fight. Anyway, that's why I believe Vegeta left Bulma after Trunks was born.

How old are Bulma and Vegeta?

I got this information from some official timeline (I think it was first printed in a Daizenshuu), and while you can find it all over the net, I used the one from pojo.com.

Vegeta was born in the Dragonball year 732 AD and Bulma in 733 AD (making him one year older than her). In 762 AD, Vegeta lands on earth; he is 30, Bulma 29. Bulma gives birth to Trunks in 766 AD, when she's 33 and Vegeta is 34. When training for the Cell games, Vegeta goes into the Room of Spirit and Time twice, therefore aging him 2 years, and becoming 3 years older than Bulma. Bra was born either in 778 or 780 AD (the timeline has her one year younger than Pan, but in the same Daizenshuu, I believe it was mentioned that Bra was one year older; meaning there's a conflict). So Bulma is either 46 or 48 (doesn't she look good for a woman of her age, not to mention that she also had a baby), and Vegeta is either 49 or 51. The DBZ series ends in 784 AD with Vegeta at 54 and Bulma at 51.

Are Bulma and Vegeta actually married?

Vegeta has referred to Bulma as his wife a couple of times in the series, but what that term means to him may not go by our traditional definition. We see no actual ceremony or hear of any mention of a marriage between the two, and since Vegeta is an alien and was not raised on earth, it's possible a different type of 'ceremony' was preformed. There is no definite answer to this question.

Which episodes have memorable Bulma and Vegeta moments?

Currently Under Construction. If you have any to add, please contact me.

Japanese Episode # Title Description
124 The Warrior Race Saiya-jin's King Gravity room episode
237 For the Sake of My Loved Ones . . . Vejita Falls Vegeta's sacrifice to destroy Buu

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