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May 16, 2005

Yesterday was Forever's 5th Anniversary! 5 years with 800,000 plus hits. That's just awesome, thank you everybody. I never expected the site to get like this. I was just super happy when Forever reached 1000 hits (June 18, 2000 - all updates are archived - if you're really bored you can go through all the updates ever made to this site in the last 5 years), so thanks to all the fans.

I plan to make more updates during the week, but for today I have 2 authors who have become great friends over the years, and whom I thank for being so patient with me during evil, evil tax season.

Updated Fics are:
The Torrents of Greed - Chapter 2 revised, Chapter 3 new
What you Will - Act II (Both by Toshiba)

New Fic:
Siege - Prologue By: Lisa Starr

December 34, 2004 (aka January 3, 2005)

I guess you could say that what I think of as "mid December" kind of differs with the rest of the world >.<! I am so sorry for the lack of updates, the lack of communication . . . the lack of everything. All you loyal visitors deserve better. So let's start the new year off right, with some updates:

As you can see there's been a few changes made to the site:

Welcome to Forever, Version 5 (or as I like to call it "Project Pretty"). Make no mistake, this site is run by a girl ^_^!

Updated Fics are:
Everything Happens for a Reason Chapters 10 - 13 By: Ember
Sole Survivors Chapters 8 - 9 By: Queen Saiyajin
After the Kiss Chapters 4 - 7 By: LisaB
Mind Games Chapters 6 - 8 By: Bulma16
The Fast and the Furious Chapters 16 - 18 By: ~Scrambled Thoughts~
The Torrents of Greed Chapter 1 has been reposted (Toshiba is also reworking Chapter 2 so that everything jives with Chapter 3 - which is coming soon)

New Fics are:
Unspoken By: LavenderGoddessV
Different By: debbiechan (oneshot)
Anything Good By: debbiechan (oneshot)
A Father Again By: debbiechan (oneshot)
All Stories Are True By: debbiechan (oneshot)

The Links page has also been revamped and the Message Board is working again.


May 2, 2004
GO FLAMES GO! I promised myself that I would update today if they won yesterday's game - and they did ^_^! Hockey fever has gripped this city. If you can, check out the game on Monday night and look at the crowd. The "C" of Red is amazing!

2 new fics:
After the Kiss Chapters 1-3
Everything Happens For a Reason Chapters 1-9

March 12, 2004
Who feels like kicking my ass? . . . . I wouldn't blame you.

Ward Chapters 21-34 & Epilogue
Sole Survivors Chapters 5-7
Mind Games Chapters 4 and 5
Frieza's Plan Chapters 1-3
First "Date" (oneshot)
Second Chances (oneshot)
Vegeta's Lesson(oneshot)
*New Links*:
Saijan Bulma's Place
Welcome to . . . Blue Dragon's
The Gale in the Hour Glass (Netherlands)

Old Updates

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